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Thread: Sunroof stopped sliding - easy fix Also a grease question

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    Looks a good idea too

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    This is what you need bud, just a tiny amount though and it will glide along

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    Brilliant ideas guys! Thanks for posting.. :-)

    I remember the day mine stopped working! Ironically enough it was just after I had cleaned and greased the sunroof mechanism. It was a nice summers day & I called over to my mates house. I had the sunroof wired to close when I locked the car. When I came out to the car again I noticed the sunroof hadn't closed properly & there was two scratched at the passenger side :-( I managed to get it closed and it hasn't been slid open since although the tilt still works. Hopefully it will come back into action again when I try both your methods (fingers crossed)
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    Hi Guys
    If you speak with JMR, John will tell you that grease is the devil on these mechanisms so I cleaned all of the grease away and just use the spray pictured above. No issues ever since

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    Thanks just cleaned all the grease out of mine... even works a bit quicker...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    Here you go. And aftet greasing the gearbox and output gear its a LOT smoother now. Slides back but doesn't want to come back I think the whole mechanism needs to be stripped and greased properly. But at least the fix suggested by Geeba works well. Let me know if any explanation of the pics is needed. Btw the gearbox needs a t20 torx bit
    Thats it! exactly what I did... two strips cut from tie-wraps, a small dab of mitre-fix/superglue and its great. - you dont get the nasty snapping sound as the hammer slides back anymore.

    If you whip the cover plate off the gearbox you'll see that all the grease put there by VW has moved off the gears and is surrounding them rather than on them, all I did was push the existing grease back over the gears and reassembled it, bit messy and make sure the gears all go back ok, works a treat thou.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delfinis38 View Post
    Thanks just cleaned all the grease out of mine... even works a bit quicker...
    Hmmmm - I used silicone grease on the cable and track... seems ok, not breaking any speed records opening and closing but seems smooth....

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    Hi, I think my sunroof could "hopefully" be fixed by this method.

    When I try to slide it back (and forward) it will go, but only about 5mm per push of the buttom and will then stop, so I push the button again and it will go, etc. etc. - does that sound the same as what was happening with yours before the fix?

    Looking at the rubber stoppers, they have deformed over time, so with any luck, if I replace them with some wider tubing, it should all work ok?


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    Thats a great idea. I always use silicon base grease such as molykote to fix these problems

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    the last time I took a great advice about silicon grease at

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