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Thread: G60 weird idle???

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    G60 weird idle???

    So let me start by saying that its been like this since i got the car, cold start the car idles fine. After warming up or giving any gas at all the idle surges like crazy...
    Tested and cleaned my isv and it functions the way it should.
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Hi mate,
    Could be many things as these cars are getting old now..
    Start by checking the small throttle body switchs, 1 is for idle and the other is for full power enrichment, check that the idle microswitch closes with the throttle closed, you'd normally hear an audiable click.
    Next up, the Lambda sensor, in particuler its wiring that goes rock hard and snaps off the terminals on the plug, always worth redoing the terminals with new ones.
    Change the blue headed coolant sensor or temp. just swap over the two plugs, 1 black for the intrument cluster gauge whilst the other is used to send a signal to the Digifant in jection ecu.
    Let me know how you get on.

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    Im not getting a click when the throttle opens, how would i go about replacing the switch?

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    Just try adjusting the Switch, there are two small screws that locate the idle Switch on a bracket, on the back of the throttle body. Loosen them both until the switch actually clicks closed or use a multimeter.
    Lock up both screws and see if the idle has improved.

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    Adjusted it and am now getting an audible click, still having a rough idle problems

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    Correction lol I'm getting a click from the switch at the front of the throttle body when a t full throttle. The switch at the back may be missing the cover that has the arm on it. Not sure what its suppose to look like. You would happen to have a pic would you

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    No mate, been turbo 16v For years..mine's Got an Escort cosworth throttle body..
    Try snapping a photo of Your throttle body, if you can upload them on the forum.
    Try this, start the Engine then try depressing the idle micro switch and see what happens, the open the primary butterfly a little, hold it at around 2000rpm then depress the full throttle switch, the engine note should change as the mixture is enriched.
    Let me know.

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    Another common issue is the rubber o-ring on the idle screw on the throttle body perishing, worth removing the screw and checking it

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    And refitting the little bugger with a few strands of plumber's PTFE tape to avoid loosing it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by that_black_G60 View Post
    You would happen to have a pic would you
    Here you go....
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