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I am starting to question my luck

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So yesterday I finally got my oil pan replaced! SCORE! So I take it for a test drive because if anything were going to leak, it would leak after the car has been warmed up a bit. So I take if for a spin around the block.


I pull back into the driveway and look under the car. I am still leaking oil. I have my friend who is a certified mechanic take a look at it and he says “Oh there is your problem…” me, “WHAT?!” (I was expecting that I forgot to tighten a bolt or something) my friend says “It’s leaking from your main shaft seal.” (Or whatever the crank seal is called on the flywheel side)


I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. We decided we could take the whole engine out over a weekend and clean it up real nice and have that seal taken care of as well as getting my new cam and followers in. keep in mind this car is supposed to be my daily driver and I commute 20 min. to work every morning during the week. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to change this seal over as quick and easy as possible?


I am so frustrated you don’t even know. Yesterday I paid for a dyno session for this Saturday, and now I cannot bring my car or get a refund. Ugh…this is panning out to be a great week already.



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it's a gearbox out, clutch out, flywheel off, seal out, new seal in, flywheel back, clutch on, and gearbox re-fit job I'm afraid to say... :|


Not a quick job, but nothing too nasty in there if you're not afraid to have a go yourself and have some decent tools and space to work in... 8)

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If it were my car, I know I could probably get that done in an afternoon and evening on axle stands in my garage... The worst bit is lifting the gearbox back in and getting the drive flanges on the diff to clear the rear of the engine/engine bay... much easier if there's 2 people working on that bit if it's on axle stands... 8)


Only bit I missed off is that you'll have to take the front engine mount and gearbox mount off to get the box and engine to swing enough to drop the box out, so have at least 2 trolley jacks and an assistant nearby to help with the heavy bits... gearboxes hurt when they land on you... :oops: :roll:


On the plus side, it could be the perfect time to change the clutch while you're in there! ;) :lol: :mrgreen:

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Yeah I am sure I could actually have it done in 1 day. I just ordered the rear main seal kit for $17 USD shipped. I am going to have at least 1 other person helping me out for this operation.


I would love to have it done on Friday/Friday night but I don’t know if it will work for my friend who is a mechanic. I will get a hold of him today to see what his plans are for Friday. Since I already paid for the dyno session for this Saturday it would be a huge plus to actually be able to take my car.


So it goes:


Tranny mount off

Front mount off

Gearbox out

Clutch out

Flywheel off

Bad seal out

New seal in

Flywheel back on

Clutch back on

Tranny back in

Front mount on

Tranny mount on


That seems somewhat simple enough. Its going to be time consuming, but it will get done. I might want to wait until next weekend when I could get the seal done and my new cam/followers in at the same time.

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