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Pics from 'Ring Trip Number 2' - July 06

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We drove into Village on Saturday afternoon to find the place buzzing! The pics explain why! Every sort of Touring Car,DTM,GT racer was there lapping!







The Cars



View From Hotel Room window



The Village



Managed to get onto the track at night!



Jimbo taking a p!ss......on a bmw!



Half a lap around and pop goes a water hose, Gutted! As i felt i really knew the circuit better from the last time we were there in March. Local VW garage shut, major shouting match with greenflag ends up me telling them the best solution! :roll: Which ends up being this:




Gaffa tape on burst hole and we drive her on and off ferry @ Amsterdam and back on to a recovery lorry that was waiting for us at Newcatle. £40 for extra european cover? bargain!


More pics @ the ferry in Amsterdam





Have a few vids of the racing im trying to uplad at the mo.


Big shout out to james,andy and kris for a top w'knd watching the World Cup Final in Germany! 8)

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Bit early n the day to encounter drunks? :lol:


Looks like you had a good time though!


I'll look out for your artwork when I go back there next year! :wink:

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just seen this on men and motors - the scumball rally - lookin very minty just waiting to enter the nuburgring

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