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My 91 Rado G60, 1.9 rebuild finished (no 56k)

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Went out Cotley once again last night to crack on with the Rado.


Me and Olly firstly played around get ting the last bits of the engine work finished, including fitting the Rad, the oil cooler, connecting the rest of the wiring, fitting the battery, and checking all the pipes etc were secure. We then filled the beast with some juice :) . Oliver also primed the oil pump to make sure the oil was flowing before strat up. After she was sorted for Oil and water Oliver went through some last checks and came across a problem. The oil warning light wasn't coming on when the key was turned. after some playing and checking Oliver isulated the problem to the top oil pressure sender, and after some trail and error found a working sender to go in :D .


Then the time came, i took the king lead off the top of the dizzy and earthed it on the block and oliver turned the key, turning it over on the started motor perfectly. we then put the king lead back on and crossed our fingers...




the key was turned...




first turn the engine fired into life, perfectly, and sounded, well, loud as hell lol. The lack of exhaust meant the engine was only run for half a min, no where near the time needed to warn the oil up before the first oil change. but we now its runs :D


Heres a quick video of it going (very loud)

you need quicktime.


With that massive weight off our minds Oliver could carry on and work out exactly what needed to be done to the exhaust to get it to work, and i could get on and mount the oil cooler, and replace the front pannel etc.


So i mounted the new oil cooler, modifing the front pannel to make it fit, and the mounted the front pannel itself, finished pics,





While i was mincing around with that, Oliver had a fight with the crediton powerfolw exhaust and worked out where and how much he needed to cut off and how he was going to make a "S" section out of nothing.


heres the chopped doen corner section



Oliver playing with the center silencer,



Finaly working his magic welding it back together and creating the "S" piece to get the center silencer to sit in the middle of the tunnel.



All the exhaust needs is a pipe of smaller diameter pipe to connect it to the cat bypass pipe.


Painted a couple more bits i missed before to keep everything looking tidy.


that was it for one night, pretty eventfull in the end, bt now we're only a stones throw away from finishing :)


Stay tuned...

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Looking well sweet now, used to see this out and about up my way and always thought it looked nice, now its going to go how it looks as well.


For the record i did not know or meet the guy who sold it.

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went out again last night and played with the Rado again,


Put all the front back on again, lights, bumpers etc.

Oliver finished off the exhaust, but had more fun cutting and welding to get it to fit :)


Me and Ash whipped all the wheels off and raised the suspension up 10mm so we could get the car out of the drive lol.




after Oliver finished the exhaust, we ran the car up to temp, then dropped all the oil out and changed the filter and put new oil back in.


heres some pics,


Me looking nervous




Engine pics





Back on her wheels




Oliver then took her out for a quick drive, scrapped his way up the drive and down the lane. He came back and said the car was running crap under load while hot. So he came back and played with the timing a bit, but it wasn't time to fault hunt. so we will have to have a go another time. The engine idles perfectly though, and shoulds awesome :D






Might need a clean though :p lol.

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Yay... Congrats .. good to see her moving again after all your hard work.... Another saved that could so easily have gone the "Feck it, I'll break and get some maney back" route....

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Yep, well happy its all back together and running :D


its now parked nicely outside my house :)




The running issue is still not sorted, me and Olly sill have some more things to check :D

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i still wished i could have got in an swapped interiors before u bought it :lol:


glad to see you've got things sorted an never just through in the towel!!

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The saga continues,


Took friday off and did some more work on the Rado :) ,

took the whole front off again and changed all the water hoses for brand new venair ones :D




No mid-work pics as i was in a right rage for a large portion of the day trying to get the new pipes on lol.


Anyway, got the new hoses on and decided it was time i washed the dirty slag, so i gave her a good going over and washed off the three months of garage dust that was all over :)


The milage count now stands at 100 miles, so i will be doing an oil and filter change tonight so i can do some more :D .


Heres some pics of the car now :)





seats need a good clean, and theres still a list the size of me of things that still need to be done.


My bad luck continued over the weekend too when i was driving up the outter bypass on Sat (just past Devon Hotel) and a massive stone flicked up and put a nice crack in my windscreen... which is now the size of my arm and growing :(

Time for a new screen :(


Not sure if you can see it too well in this pick, but its where te dry line is :(




Will keep you all updated :)




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Went over tp the parents house early this morning to get stuck into the front wishbone bushes so i can get the trackig done and sort out the shit handling :D


Jacked the car up and whipped out the two wishbones that were in the rado (sorry, no pics, i was greasey :( ). I then went about getting the old bushes out to insert the new polybushes :)


I knocked one bush out coz it was fucked, and went onto the next wishbone, cutting out the rear bush on the other wishbone and sawing the metal sleave in two places and knocking the crap out of it to get it out :) I then went to cut out the other sleave on the wishbone and noticed that this one was different fom the one before :? so i lined them up next to each other and the rear bush hole was in a completely different place on either wishbone :?


I stood back and thought... OMG!!! the muppet that i bought the car off had used one Rado wishbone, and one GOLF wishbone, the muppet!!!


So, i went down to GSF and bought two new wishbones, and two new drop links too, as the old ones were from a Golf too, GRRRRRRR.


I then went into over drive and fitted all the new bits and dropped the Rado down and went home.


As for the drive home, the car drives like the stearing wheel is not connected to the wheels lol. The two from wheels are pointing at each other now lol. So i phoned up protyre and booked it in for a tracking sort out :)


Its been a long day, but i have a beer now :) .

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Bet it will feel lovely when the tracking is sorted.


Can't believe the amount of work you've had to do though... :(

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thats shockin tbh,but the car must have been like that even before griff bought it,has he never mentioned that he'd changed the wishbones?

on a brighter note,sounds like eveythin ya doin is gonna turn the car into a good as new state 8)

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Nice work Monza she is looking lovely!! Just spent most of the day reading through this post :lol:


Just wanted to add my congratulations to the list! Hope your going to be at some shows next year?

This is yet another G60 I want to see in person (and every show I went to this year had a decided

lack of G60ness!!) :lol:





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Cheers people.


Should be making it to a couple shows this year, but will have to wait and see :)


I have now fitted the 3 autometer gauges :)








Only the air/fuel is wired in though. Nee to pull my finger out and wire up the other too :) .

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Haha, I was feeling lazy when i posted that, heres the work behind it (lots of pics :) )


Got some board and measured up where i wanted them, and got to work :D long story short thsi is what i ended up with :D






first took out the ash tray and cig lighter and then cut the crap out of the plastic behind, making sure that the gauges and surrounds could fit in the new space.




Then me and Olly had to work out a way of fitting the pod in there. We decided to attach another piece of wood on the back of the pod, on the bottom sticking into the dash that sites on the plastic left at the bottom, and we are then going to use some self tapping screw to secure it in. That may not have made much sense, but all will become clearer in these pics,








As you can see, we have glued a piece of wood to the bottom that will site in the new hole. The tape is for some spacers that we attatched to the top to space the whole thing out too.


We just need to make sure it all fits ok now (after the glue has set) and then trim it :D .




I trimmed off some excess glue with a sharp knife, and the used the material DUB sent me to trim the pod :)


Heres how it turned out :)







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Cheers dude :) it has indeed been a busy last 6 months.


Only 70 mile to go before its all run in and i can use full throttle and more then 3k revs :D WOO!

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More work done on the Rado over the weekend :)


Took TFC out to Olivers to sort out my stupidly noisey front wheel bearing, and some other bits and pieces,


Things to do were, rear bushes, all wheel bearings, brake lines.


Heres some pics of what happened :)


Oliver playing with the front bearings, we took the whole strut off with the hub so that i didn't need to get the camber done again :) .






Oliver pushing in the new bearing,









With Oliver playing with the front, Nath Elworthy was helping for the day, and took the rear beam off and we whipped off the rear brakes and bushes.


Beam off,






Nath heating up the rear carriers to undo the bolts :)




The state of the rear bushes :?





No pics of the rear beam all bushed up coz my phone ran out of batterey :(


But after a long day, and having to go and get a new front passenger side hub from GSF because the one on the car was fucked from the screwed wheel bearing, we were all done, and the car handles and goes like new :)


Big thanks to Oliver and Nath for working on the car all Sat. And now there's someone else that hates the car (Nath lol).

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So the rebuild's finished... Let the "Fettling" commence! :lol:


Seriously, good work chap, there a few here that need to do rear bushes (probably me in there too).


Shame you couldn't get photos, where they easy to do with a workshop full of tools?

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