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My 91 Rado G60, 1.9 rebuild finished (no 56k)

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Yea rear beam bushes on quite a few peoples list of things to do :lol: including mine!


Looking good though fella more pics please!

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The problem with rear beam bushes is that you have to take the whole rear beam off really. Which can be a pain in the ass if you have a low car (the strut bolt on the drivers side fouls on the petrol tank), and chances are that you'll snap or twist all or most of the brake lines too :?

Once the beams off its still a bit of an ass if you don't have a 9" grinder coz you need to cut off both sides of each bush and either knock out or burn out the rest of the bush.


I wish i had remembered to take my camera now too, would have made a handy how-to :)

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Haha, nah, beam bushes all done in the same day, wasn't too bad, but now the cars called the vintage because the beam looked like it was off a car from the 50's lol.


We did get to have another look at the hessitation problem the Rado has a few weeks ago before a Rooling Road day at TSR. Oliver came round and replaced the Jabba Chip in the ECU for a SNS one that he had laying around, and it seemed to sort the problem :)


The Rado produced 174bhp at the flywheel, with 161bls/ft. Which i was a bit dissapointed with tbh, i was hoping for more bhp and torque. but the timing is still to be tweeked fully, and the current exhaust and startard IC wouldn't have helped.


So the next mods on the list will be a new 2.5 inch exhaust, and a front mount :) .


Quick pic from the day :)







But now a couple of weeks later the problem is back, but only at half gas?? What is happening is if you build the revs when warm to about 3k the car starts hesstating, but if you put you foot down a bit more then half throttle the car accelerates fine again :confused4: The air fuel gauge is reading that the car is running very lean at half gas, but richens up correctly on more throttle. could this be something as simple as a fuel blockage?? i have a new filter to go on.


Any one have any suggestions??

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Thought it was about time for an update.


The Rado's had a wheel change since the last time i posted here, and i've descided to get my ass in gear and sort out all the little bits and pieces so i can get the car ready to sell sometime in the next few months.


Had some more starter problems recently, and after some to'ing and fro'ing from GSF all is working again.


fianlly made it down to save-on and got John to swap the rears on the Avez's, and i got some 3mm longer bolts for the fronts coz i'm using 3mm shims on the front.


Anyway, heres some pics of how the car looks at the moment.



















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