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ChrisHill's Non-Corrado

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I'm mobile again! *jump* *jump*


Just thought I'd show you lot my new wheels, I'm ashamed to say I've abandoned VAG this time in favour of another fine german make, BMW. I did consider a valver, but finding a good one at a reasonable price was almost impossible, MK2's were out too since they're all a bit long in the tooth now and having had a MK3, I didn't want another :gag:


There was no pose factor involved in my choice, I don't think anyone could consider what is now a 8 year old car in a body style that has had 3 revisions, pose-worthy. Personally I think it still looks alright, nothing on the style of the Corrado for sure but its a damn sight better than alot of the other cars in the price range!


Its only the 316, but its a nice balance of economy and just enough performance to be fun... and I do mean only just enough! Being rear wheel drive makes things a bit more interesting, I've already lost the back on a damp road which was a bit of a hairy moment! The drive is great though, I'd put it on par with my old valver in terms of handling and 'feel'.


The colours actually darker than it looks in this photo, more of a metallic military green, I'm still not 100% sure if I like it or not, its not offensive but it wouldn't have been my first choice had there been another one the same condition in another colour.


No modification plans for it, I don't intend on keeping it that long and I've a feeling this sort of car will sell better utterly standard.



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