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Son of a Beesting

Thinking of selling, how much for my VR?

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Hello Everyone


I have been away from the forum for a while. I had a little bump in my VR6 a few months ago and after much wrangling with my insurance company they have agreed to pay to get the car fixed. All the damage was to the bonnet, slam panel and one headlight so not major and no damage to any internals. But its taken my love for the corrado away and my circumstances have changed recently (getting married etc).


I love my corrado (this was my second one and i spent a lot of time and money on it fixing any little thing wrong with it and upgrading things) and this is my second one but in the last few months I have passed my bike test and have got into bike riding and brought myself a cheap mk3 golf run around.


But now with the VR6 getting fixed I am facing the dilema of either keeping the corrado and the bike or getting rid of the corrado. I really need a car for shopping and when the weather is really to bad for riding. So I guess the corrado will be up for sale. It used to be crazymarcels car and then gradeafailures.


It a 93 aqua blue, it has about 140k on the clock but with a Stealth engine rebuild about 25k ago. It also has mocal oil cooler, bmc, samco hoses, koni/H&R suspension, new bushes, goodridge brake lines, new calipers, momo steering wheel, full heated black leather, proper oil/volts meter, fk tail lights, magnex exhaust among other things. At the last MOT I even got all the advisories fixed. The engine runs sweet and with the suspension and brake works done it handles and stops well. The interior is in good conidtion and these colds morning starts are helped by it being heated! The front end is getting a respray when the new parts go on so its going to look great.


So I guess my question is how much should I expect to get? I have been away from the corrado game for to long so my estimates are probably a bit out.


Thanks in advance

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