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Hello and welcome to THE Corrado Forum!


Quite a big and scary place isn't it? If you don't know where to start, don't know your signatures from your avatars, or don't know your G60s from your VR6s, that's fine!! We're here to help, and want you to enjoy your stay.


So welcome to your little bit.

Come say hello, let us know who you are, and you can freely ask any question you like without the need to feel silly.


If you're familiar with forums, have a look at the Index and read the descriptions of the various forums. There's quite a few, but it should help you find a right home for your query. It's taken us quite a while to come up with the layout, but we think it allows most things to have a suitable home.


If you're not familiar, then let's start by starting a thread and saying hello! (You can't reply to this message, as its a Locked topic, but you're welcome to create your own).

To start your very own Hello topic, click here to start!. You will need to have Registered first, so make sure you've done that, activated your account, and logged in first. Please Note: Your first two posts will be placed in a queue to be 'Moderated' first. This is just to protect the site from spam (nothing personal!) so please have a little patience, and a Mod will approve your post ASAP. After you've done 2 posts, you'll be free to post however and whenever you like :)


We hope you enjoy your stay, and hope this is the start of a fantastic, fruitful and long relationship between you, your Corrado, and THE Corrado Forum.

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