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92 G60 Tornado

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Soooo, just got my hands on Cruella Derado, so named because its an evil car, but i couldnt go for the classic steven king 'christine' as chris & christine just wouldnt work.

Its evil because it took less than 5 hours in my ownership to kill two bunny rabbits and obviously numerous flys.


Shes a Tornado Red G60, fair bit of history, seems to have been looked after relatively well. Its had a respray at some point which is of dubious quality in places, with a bit of lacquer peel and a bit of paint bubbling on top of the doors.

Worst bit is a rusty rear arch and around the filler neck :sad:


The good bits however though are -

68mm chip runnig an SNS stage 5. Theres about 15k on the charger and shes pushing out 13psi :cool:.

Its got a full stainless with a decat, however the tailpipe is comical, but it does sound nice without being excessive loud.

Its got the mocal oil cooler on it, which feels the need to leak from the hose unions

BMW BBS' with 3 month old T1-R's.

She sits on FK konigsports with fully adjustable koni inserts, it handles seriously well! Needs raising a bit for optimum though, as the wishbones are pointing upwards a bit.

Debadged front and rear , lupo wipers etc etc blah blah


Plans are to build a sort of ''corrado clubsport'', a performance and handling focused car that remains useable everyday.With this in mind im going for polybushes and eibach roll bars allround. Gonna go for some S2 callipers and pads to sharpen the brakes up a tad. The interior will be trimmed down, but not hardcore stripped like the full bore trackcars on here (thinking no rear seats, door bars and sound deadening out, but retaining a trimmed false floor in the back and some clubman type buckets upfront on adjustable subframes)


In the immediate future the first steps are:


Fix the rust – been quoted 200 + welding so gonna book that in for beginning of may

Sort out small petrol leak from fuel rail

Fresh oil, filters and plugs

4 wheel laser alignment and get it running 1 deg camber on the front, it pulls left currently.

Strip back end and any unnecessary trim, fit acoustic carpeted false floor


Followed by:

Eibach ARBS

Poly bushes

S2 callipers and braided lines

Bucket seats



Took her to RK engineering for a rolling road session yesterday. All seems to be good, however its only running 2deg of ignition advance (these engines can take up to 5deg) this was going to be sorted but we found that the crank pulley is out slightly, indicating wear to the keyway on the crank. If ignition was taken any further so that the crank was correct, the flywheel would be out, or if the flywheel was corrected, then the cam / crank timing would be out so we left well alone.

Its going back in beginning of march for a DX crank bolt along with a new cambelt and charger belts (maybe a newmann cam while were in there).


All that aside, with 2deg advance she pulled 191bhp on the rollers, very good considering the spec of the engine, or lack of it!



I may have just aquired a 6a block too, so a serious long term engine build can begin…………






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alexanders old car if im not mistaken!?


nice buy mate, i met him once when i bought something from him and from reading what he has done its had alot of TLC!

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Nice one Chris, looks pretty tidy!


Where have you got it booked for paint mate? I need a bit done on my T4 and my rado also has some lacquer peel and I haven't found anywhere I trust down here yet!

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Yeah this was my old car, liking the sounds of your plans Chris! Go for it!


Really pleased it's pushing out 191bhp! That's actually more than I was expecting it to do. You'll get more out of it once you start fettling as well.


Better change my avatar eh!! -->

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pulled my boot carpet out this evening and ripped out all the dynamat soundproofing from the boot floor and spare wheel well.


Christ that stuff is weighty! Havent got any scales at home, but the bin bag i filledfelt as heavy as the space saver.


I did discover a problem though, the dynamat had been stuck over standard soundproofing, and hence had not sealed properly in places. The car has a small leak which i think is coming from one of the aftermarket rear light seals. The water from this leak has collected up over the years, making the standard soundproofing sodden under the dynamat and leading to a small lake forming in my wheel well. Fortunately no rust has developed in there which was a relief.


Tommorow at work the boot floor shall mostly be getting wire brushed in places and then sprayed in Mercruiser Outdrive Red paint.

If i can get it on the ramp i may also raise the rear coilies up a thread or two as she sits a bit nose proud at the moment.


As a side note, a 6a block and a modified s2 exhaust manifold now reside in my garage, guess where thats leading.....

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Nice one Chris - there was only a bit of the original soundproofing there when I fitted the silver stuff, I think it had all rotted away long ago!


I had noticed quite a bit of condensation in the car recently, and it looks like you've found the cause, so you've solved two problems in one!


Interested to see what difference the block and manifold make.

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