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Slow 'n' low

Do I need more fuel in my G60?

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Just got my G60 back after having a new ECU, chip and pulley installed, but it seems to be miss firing at high revs when flat out. I know it's not an ignition miss fire as not only has it had a new distributor and leads etc, but it doesn't happen any other time than flat out. I'm thinking do I need more fuel going in with the extra boost? As in some red top injectors or to fit a fuel regulator?


Any help on this will be appreciated.



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Hi sorry for the late reply people.


Firstly thanks for the replies!!


It doesn't seem to be rev related at all, only when I floor it. Because of this I can't help to think it's definitely fuel related, maybe some red top injectors or checking the fuel pump would help? I'm going to check the spark plugs are o.k and that I have the right kind of rota arm on it (as I've heard that the round types that are sprung loaded act as rev limiters) just so I can rule the ignition side of things out.


Thanks again.



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