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g60 16v should i???????????

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i have like most of you a pg engine code g60.

im not sure what to do wit her now ive always wanted to 16v it.

the integration kits from bahn brenner and g werks arnt available

can i still do this.?



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As above, this is one that the search (if used properly) will yield.




Not as easy as you would think to do the conversion - there's not that many (running!) on here anyway.

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...but I believe thse mount the alternator at the rear or the engine bay and on a Uk spec car it would foul the break servo.

you are right----BBM SC-16V Rear Alternator Brackets



I have worked with the company before and they may be willing to mod something specifically for a front/bottom mount alt....

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they should as this is one of the main hrdles that puts of uk builders.


Well it appears that BBM did do this in the past but didn't have people follow up. From what it sounds they may (not sure) still have parts from a previous fab. If not and there were enough people that wanted a custom fab they will do it, but am sure will want some money up front.


This is a reply I got from the President inquiring about a custom mod specifically for your vehicles ;)


Yes, I am aware of this and we have done this front mount set up in the


We were flooded with people wanting the 16v ltd. integrations back, so we

did a full CNC run of all of the parts.

Unfortunately the sales never materialized and we are sitting on thousands

of dollars of parts.

In order to do a CNC run of these brackets we need to make at least 30-50


We do not do one off fabrication...this is not profitable at all and

companies that do this do not last in this market.

Sorry there is no market to support this limited 16v G60 configuration.

Plenty of people say they want to do it and then nearly no one steps up to

actually buy the parts and follow through.

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