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I don't own a Corrado, but I am intimately acquainted with a certain black G60 on here.


I've seen parts of that car no Corrado owner should have to see...


On the other hand I've got a beater of a mk2 16v with a new engine waiting for it when I get the time. Don't worry though, it's not out of a Corrado they seem to be becoming a rarer sight on the road these days.


Anyway, I've had all sorts of VW's, buut not a Corrado, yet. That may change in the fullness of time as I do quite the look of them.


Pic of my sheddy looking mk2 from a few weeks ago, I think if I drive it around enough like this it will embarrass me into making the time to get it finished. At least painted...







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Welcome! Looks like you've got your hands full there- good practise for when you eventually get a Rado :lol:

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Thanks for the welcome, that is nothing. there has been some pretty heavy duty fabrication work undertaken, but it keeps me out of the pub and another elderly VW on the road.







And so much more, still learning as this is my first full on project, but getting better every time.

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Cheers for the warm welcome guys.


As for you AGF, get knotted...:)


Here's some more for comedy value. One very sheared alt pulley. Stranded, merd.



Out with the steel again.



And we're back in the game...



A before and after on a certain recently MOT'd black G60



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