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Heads up warning selling on ebay 2 items not as they appear!!!

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Hi everyone, a while ago I sold my G60 to some cretin who tried to rip me off, he is now selling the Charger on ebay




This is the one off my car and it is not in perfect order at all, it has a crack in the casing which was confirmed to me by Gwerks when I took it to have it ported so they could not do it, it also has not been serviced since new and has over 200k on it.


Also he is selling a G60




This is also not as it appears for some reason his images show my number plates, my wheels but the description is not my car, why is he doing this, the body is def not mine why would he put my plates on another car? Very dodgy indeed


Please do not buy or sell anything to this person, he leave negs on his other account which is being investigated and then trys to claim alsorts of crap once he has bought the cars

so this is a heads up to anyone looking at buying these

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couldnt sell the charger on its own or the car so has now resorted to putting them together, i have a feeling that he may be telling some porkies here and selling the car with original charger and adding the paperwork to say its been done at vw motorsport, any way buy this at your peril if he has swopped chargers you can guarantee hes not changed anything else, my car had upgraded ecu, fuel system and everything to cope with the motorsport upgrade, no matter how he sells it its a wrong un

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