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Found: Replacement for OEM first-aid kit

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OK, so I know I'm a sad git, but I've found a place to buy first-aid kits from that fit properly in the centre armrest :cool:











It has all the standard stuff (tons of bandages, tape, blunt scissors for clothing, plasters, slings, space blanket...) and it doesn't expire until 2016 so you won't poison anyone using it. As an added bonus it even looks like the OEM one if you squint a bit :lol: Dirt cheap at £9 (less than £15 shipped - I spent an extra £1.99 on another space blanket just in case) so there's no excuse not to, really. Good as a stocking-filler, maybe? [Website link]


Now I have a nice firm armrest that clicks into place properly and doesn't go saggy when a passenger looks in its direction. Win!



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Nice one, I remember Netto selling ones like these a while ago before they closed down.


Kind of makes a mockery of the 'original' and 'rare' ones on eBay that are 10 years out of date and going for £35+

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