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FOR SALE - VR6 parts (inlet & exhaust manifolds, brake calipers, camshafts, air box)

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I'm clearing out my garage at the moment and come across a few things from when I had the Corrado. Have no use for them anymore so just looking to sell them as quickly and easily as possible as they're taking up space.


Open to sensible and reasonable offers but don't take the pi55, I'd rather throw them in a skip than give them away.



Any questions, ask away. Collection would be preferred, from S11 area of Sheffield. Delivery is possible though.



If I don't respond to this thread within a few days, prompt me with a PM and I'll reply .



All items came from a Corrado VR6 (2.9 OBD1).


- Airbox (drilled) - £15 collected. £25 delivered.


- Inlet manifold (lower part) - £10 collected. £20 delivered.


- Exhaust manifold (including gaskets and heat shield) - £30 collected. £45 delivered.


- Exhaust (manifold-to-cat) downpipe - £25 collected. £40 delivered.

- Exhaust manifold and downpipe together - £50 collected, £65 delivered.


- Calipers & carriers - £20 collected. £35 delivered. Can be cleaned & painted black/red/blue/silver for an extra £20.


- Cams (brand new, with camshaft grease) - £40. £50 delivered. - SOLD


- Inlet manifold (upper part) - £50 collected. £65 delivered. - SOLD








Inlet manifold




Exhaust manifold








Brake callipers


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Are the Cams SP 263's if so ill take them?


SP 263's for 50 quid? You'll be lucky hehe



Just standard genuine VW 2.9 VR6 cams as far as I'm aware.


Never had them out the packaging or fitted them though, so as brand new.

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Only reason i asked as my 263 cams came in the same packaging and same grease when i got them through the group buy, can you check for any markings on the cams to try and see if they are definately standard or 263s please?

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Offer on inlet manifold, £35 posted, £65 seems a bit high to me

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Is the airbox still available?


Yes it is, can get it posted next working day after payment (or same day if paid before 12 noon)


Thanks mate, Manifold arrived Thursday.

It now looks like this.



Nice ;)

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