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Mulberry VR6 previously on P'Heads For £2k ish, now on ebay for £3.5k?!

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Good luck to the new seller. He's taken a punt on being able to get more than the original seller by (1) I guess probably not needing to sell in a hurry, (2) Being a little more open and candid abot the damage.


Still seems an ok(ish) buy to me. Maybe a touch high now due to the cat D listing but in all honesty most of our cars have probably had worse over the last 16 years but simply not been recorded as such due to their value at the time. Sadly in the current market I doubt it will sell for that though, as there are a lot of non-Cat D's around for similar or less.

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I'll be having a VR for sale soon and i dont think that has a cat D or C but will be on here anyway once i've got all the details for similar money.


It's on behalf of a widow of a ccgb member so quite a delicate one :( RIP Peter.

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