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Blackberry VR6 for £4500 in sutton coldfield, west midlands

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VR6 | Blackberry | sutton coldfield, west midlands

Price: £4500


Well after lots of heart and soul searching i have decided its time to say goodbye to my Corrado, lots of people say in adverts "its with much regret i have to sell" but i can honestly say i'm gonna really miss this car so much :-( I'm only selling as i just cant enjoy the car anymore due to back/scitica problems which i'm still suffering with, i have bought a mk2 Skoda Octavia VRS recently and my pain is no more while driving that, but after 10 minutes driving the Corrado i'm in agaony again, so onto the add for the car.


She is a 1994 vr6 with 133796 miles on the clock, i have rakes and rakes of receipts for the car dating back to about 1999 and all old MOT's and loads of Service history.


Approx 3 years ago she was treated to a full re-spray in the original (and best colour) Blackberry, the paint job was of a very high quality and the paintwork is in very very good condition, i would never say immaculate as it was done 3 years ago so has the very odd little chip here and there, but nothing that you would instantly notice at all, i regulary polish and wax the car with only the best products, the car is virtually swirl free and looks superb after a nice wash.


When the paint job was undertaken a few subtle body mods were carried out, the rear was completly de badged and smoothed, this included the bumper and the rear wiper hole, the spolier was also airbrushed into a chequer effect which i have grown to really really like, the door handles were colour coded, the bump strips were taken off, the sided indicators were removed and relocated into the front bumper which was also had the number plate recess smoothed, the bonnet had the washer jet holes filled and the washer jets are mk4 golf items that are on the scuttle cover.


The interior is a set of very rare Beige electric heated recaros which are in very very good condition with no rips/tears and the bolsters are in very good condition also, all the switches work as they should and the heated seats are toasty warm, all the carpets/plastics are there and also in very good condition. There is a set of the DDI clocks and a uv tube for lighting up the needles at night time which really makes the dash look much more modern, the steering wheel is a MOMO club 4 steering wheel, and the switches have had the LED's changed from green to red to match the DDI dials, i also fitted a new headlight switch from the recent group buy on the Corrado forum. All the electrics work as they should including the sunroof and the rear spolier, mirrors etc etc. ICE is an Alpine CD player with Infinity reference front speakers and a set of JBL 6x4 speakers in the rear shelf supports.


The suspension was upgraded to KW V1's last may and so are in very good condition, new top mounts and bushes were fitted when these were installed, the front brakes were upgraded from the pathetic standard brakes to a set of Brembo Seat Leon Cupra R brakes with new 323mm Brembo discs, and new Brembo pads, these discs and pads are as new as only done about 3k with them fitted, the Callipers could do with a touch up as these callipers are prown for the lacquer liffting off them. But they work amazingly well.


Onto the engine, I had the chains/tensioners replaced last May with the upgraded golf mk4 tensioners so no worries with the chains/tensioners for many thousands of miles, i have also just fitted a brand new cylinder head which i bought from VEGE direct, all gaskets were replaced with brand new items when this was fitted, i also fitted new piston rings/shells while i was doing that, the reason for doing them was that the car went for its MOT mid June and the emmisions were high and there was slight smoke on start up and on the over run, i was going to keep the car so wanted the engine to be perfect so no corners were cut at all. This was done very very recently and about 100 miles has gone on the clock since all this work was carried out, can honestly say the engine is so quite and no smoke at all, the bores were checked before the new piston rings were instaled, new plugs/leads were fitted at the same time, The engine has a Fidanza lightened flywheel and nudespeed lightened pulleys which does really help bring the vr6 alive at low revs. The exhaust consists of a raceland six branch and a magnex cat back system. I was also getting fed up of the maf to throttle body pipework splitting so fitted a brand new 1552 design metal intake pipe. The manifold and rocker cover have been mirror polished, and all relevant bolts replaced with new stainless items.


The engine managment has also been changed to OBD2 from a late golf vr6 highline, with manifold/throttle body, this is a huge improvement over the standard OBD1 managment with no stalling when when pulling up and a much much smoother feeling engine, plus if you ever wanted to go turbo then all you will need is a c2 chip.


The alloys are 17" x 7.5" BBS RX2's which i had refurbed ealier this year, these again are near immaculate with no curbing or chips to the centres, new badges and BBS valve covers were fitted when they were refurbed, the tyres are Copper Zeons with 7.5mm tread on the rears, and 7mm of tread on the fronts, and 12mm spacers on the front (to clear the brakes) and 15mm spacers on the rear to fill the rear arches out slightly.


I have also fitted an uprated headight loom (not the chaer crappy ones of ebay) but the £65 three relay ones from off the Corrado forum (KURTYS ones), and also fitted Lupo gti wiper arms and new blades.


Alao comes with 2 sets of keys and has a CAT 1 Hornet alarm with insurance cerificate.


The car comes with 12 months MOT, no Tax but can tax when it sells for the buyer.


Karl 07769213245



































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Can only reinforce Karl's comment about the paintwork on this.. it's absolutely fantastic.


Good luck with the sale mate.

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