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g60 to VR6, passat donor car?

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Hi guys,


Bit of a repost, but will prob get a better and quicker answer in this section.


Will a passat VR6 be an ok donor car in terms of the: Control arm length, and rear beam width?


Or is there any other reason(that anyone can think of) why a passat VR6 WOULDN'T be a suitable donor car when going to VR6? (as opposed to using a mk3 golf VR6 donor)



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The passat beam is actually narrower than a corrado beam. Strange but true. although converting the rear to 5 stud is just a case of changing the discs.


Wishbones and track rods are wider on a passat AFIAK.


If you do find a VR6 passat to break (good luck, there's only about 5 left in the UK :-( ) Can I come and scavenge the carcass? There's a few bits I need for my B3.

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Thanks for that, saves hassle of having to change the rear beam eventually.


I'm sure the wider wishbones will only mean better handling ;)


If I end up getting the passat I'll let you know. It is a B4 though...

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