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Mk1 Scirocco - 2.0 16v (More Pics added)

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OK folks, after nearly 10 years of owning it, and thinking I would definitely be keeping it forever, I cant believe I am actually writing this, particularly under the circumstances it is under, but here goes.....


Model: Mk1 Scirocco Gli (2.0 16v conversion and storm interior)

Year:1979 Vreg


Tax: No


Current owner:me

V5 present:yes

Location:Walsall, West Mids

Price: £2200ono

Contact Details:PM on here is easiest as working crazy hours, but also oh seven seven three eight 265819

Additional Information:


I don't even know where to start to be honest. I bought this just under 10 years ago, sort of by accident, and fell in love. It has been apparent for a little while that I was going to have to sell her, but my intention was to finish off all the little niggles, get her mot'd, taxed, use her for a few more months then put her up for around £3500ish. At the minute with a combination of work and private life, I haven't got anywhere near trying to do anything to her for about 2 months, even though I have been trying to, so thought I would put her up for sale as is, and see if anyone wants to take over and give her the love she deserves.


Originally a 1.6 injected Gli in Gold, over the years she has changed considerably. Now a 2.0 16v engine sits in her engine bay, and she has a temporary coat of Ford Riviera Blue paint I gave her to tidy her up.


No MOT at the moment as already stated, however she shouldn't need any welding (a lot has been done over the years - I am certainly not going to claim that it has never been welded!) and runs perfectly (the engine conversion was done about 4 years ago and has been in fairly constant use ever since)


The good bits:

- 2.0 16v - Audi 80 2.0 bottom end with KR head and injection, and 5 speed Mk2 16v Gearbox. Mk1 Cabby 100mm driveshafts take the drive to the wheels. Not been RR'd, but conservative estimate is about 160bhp - It goes like stink when you want it to!

- When I did the engine conversion, I also rewired the car using the loom from a mk2 16v golf, including fusebox, as I wasn't convinced that the roccos original wiring was up to the job. As my Mk2 donor car also had a Toad ai606 alarm/immobiliser, I transferred all of that over too, and it has been absolutely faultless. Only thing I didn't transfer was central locking, so the rocco still locks/unlocks on the key.

- 256mm Audi brakes with braided hoses - Again, I was not happy that the brakes were up to the job once the engine was converted!

- Cream Mk1 Storm interior in very good condition - Taken from a 40,000 miler that was rotten.

- Most Mk1 trouble spots bodywise have been done - Axle mounts, rear corners, sills, arches, scuttle panel have all seen the light of the welding torch at some point, and have since been treated and heavily undersealed inside and out. I am not going to try and claim it will never need any welding again, but should be good for a few years yet!

- Loads and loads of history and photos from throughout my ownership that the buyer is welcome to copies of


The not so good bits:

- No MOT - I have always wondered why people sell cars with no MOT but claim 'it should go through' until I have found myself in a situation where I am barely at home, and have been trying to get round for it for over a month! Now I know that sometimes it is genuine!

- Temporary Sunroof - I broke the glass sunroof when I painted the car, and haven't got round to sorting it out yet. There is currently a piece of clear plexiglass in there instead. Doesn't leak, but isn't pretty and makes the ride quite noisy (not that it was ever the most refined one in the world!)

- Passengers Window Regulator is very tight, it wants replacing really

- Speedo cable is broken - on the way home from the last MOT (about 18 months ago) the speedo cable broke, so it needs a new one fitting (Mk2 golf 16v item)

- Bodywork is perfectly 'serviceable' but nothing like mint - Part of the reason it is now blue is that I just wanted to tidy it up for while I was using it. From 10 feet away it looks ace, but it is nowhere near perfect and really could do with some proper attention to make the car really nice. It doesn't need doing straight away (that is the whole reason I did it the way I did, so I could just carry on using it while I sourced parts and money to sort it properly) but my temporary job will not stand up to scrutiny forever!

- Few bits & pieces need finishing - Chrome rear windscreen trim needs refitting (I do have it though), Heated rear windscreen needs wiring back up, could do with new window winder handles etc - Nothing major, but a few bits and pieces that need doing


There is loads more I could write, and I have a load more pictures if people want to see any, I am just not on my own computer at the moment and don't have many on my photobucket.




I know it is a cliché when people are selling cars, but I am gutted that she has to go, if I could afford to keep her I would, and I genuinely suspect I will cry when she goes. I have had some great times in this car, and will miss driving it a huge amount - I never fail to smile seeing peoples reactions to it (particularly when it is a BMW/Audi/merc etc that cannot work out what the bloody hell they cant keep up with :smug:


If the Mods are happy, I have no problem with this thread becoming a discussion about how much it is worth - I really don't know how to price her, and that isn't helped by the emotional attachment, so healthy debate on the price is perfectly welcome as far as I am concerned.


Any questions just shout, and anyone who wants to view is very welcome (just don't judge me if I cry)








Ok, a few people have asked for some more photos, so here goes:






















Like I say, not perfect, but a very useable car, or very useable rolling project, that is more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic :hugegrin: Have tried to show it from a number of angles, but if anyone wants pics of a specific bit, just shout


When I did the 2.0 16v conversion, I toyed with the idea of a 1.8T, partly as I figured that even running only low-ish power for a 1.8T it would be absolutely devastating in a Mk1. Having previously had a Mk1 Golf Gti (1.8 injected) before the Mk1 in its original guise (1.6 injected) however, and having liked the peaky way the 1.6 delivered its power, after a lot of research I figured a valver engine would be a bit more in keeping with the character of the car, and I am glad I went that way. To be honest, with the 2 litre bottom end, you don't actually have to work it hard at all to fly along, but if you do decided to, bloody hell does it come alive over 3500 revs. It is kind of the best of both worlds really, and puts much more powerful cars to shame with the throttle response and delivery.


Anyway, enough waffling, I am about to be away for a few days for a stag do, but if anyone wants to come down and take a look at it when I am back (Monday onwards) you might even get a cup of tea out of me as well



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