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big ben

Clutch Clylinder Prices - Any Other Options?

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Hi guys


So i have found my clutch on the floor recently, pulled it back up and it has been fine. But i was thinking of replacing the master/slave cylinders etc anyway.


Bit of a look online and i see lots of talk of the master cylinders being obsolete, is it just the early models?


VW came back with a price of

Master cylinder is £167.72 incl of Vat

Slave cylinder is £171.08 incl of Vat

Regarding brake fluid you would only need about 2 litres which is £8.77 a litre


Seems a bit expensive as i can get this slave? http://www.vwspares.co.uk/corrado_clutch.php for £46.50


Is there anywhere someone can recommend i buy these parts? And should i get the brake fluid from VW?



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I would recommend this slave cylinder:



And if you are fairly practical then remove the clutch master cylinder and strip it down, the seal closest to the spring inside is likely to be deformed and possibly causing your clutch problem.

It's easy to strip down as long as you have circlip pliers, and be careful once the clip is removed as the spring inside is quite strong!

I had to repair two clutch master cylinders recently and was trying for ages to get a replacement but couldn't find one anywhere! So I went to the car breakers yard and removed the clutch master cylinder off a B4 Passat (£4) and the internal seal is the same so I swapped the seals over and all is now working perfectly.


Hope this helps you or anyone else with this problem.

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