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[FOR SALE]VW Corrado VR6 Unfinshed project £750

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Well the blackberry VR project will not be completed I have finally admitted to myself so it needs to go.


Loads of work carried out but it needs paint to finish it and some new rear discs and pads to get it through an MOT. I am selling my VR Corrado VR6 project as I do not have the time to complete it.


The car has been off the road since 2009 but was taken for an MOT prior to me buying it in Mar 2011 - it failed on various issues including corroded brake lines, leaking PAS pipe etc etc.


I have replaced/rectified all the MOT failure items but the car will need new rear discs and pads as they will not clean up for an MOT - I have the discs (new) and some wheel bearings to go in them but no pads.


A brief summary of the work carried out is:


Removed all the interior including carpets and dashboard, all items were cleaned and rust removed and treated then refitted with all the correct fittings.

Heater matrix replaced with genuine VW item.

Toad Ai606 Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser fitted.

Drivers seat backrest foam, lower outer seat bolster foam and seat foam replaced with used items from a passenger seat.

Original specification rear light clusters sourced and fitted.

Original specification airbox fitted.

Battery replaced.

Radiator replaced.

Engine bay wiring loom wrapped in correct wiring loom tape and various cable ties replaced.

Front and rear suspension dampers (new) springs (refurbished VR6 items) and suspension top mounts fitted.

Front wishbone bushes replaced.

Front ball joints replaced.

Front tie-rod ends replaced.

Oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and fuel filter replaced (genuine VW items)

Solid PAS fluid return pipe replaced (2nd hand item original was rusted through and leaking)

Extra self adhesive sound deading foam added whilst interior stripped out

All body cavities filled with Wax-oil whilst interior stripped out

Original parcel shelf sourced and fitted (no speaker holes)

Both front to rear solid brake lines replaced

Offside rear solid brake line to brake caliper replaced

Brake, oil and engine coolant fluids replaced


I have photographs of most of the work being carried out which I will be more than happy to provide to any prospective buyer.


As can be seen from the photographs the car is in need of a re-spray, I was considering getting a vinyl wrap of the whole car in the same colour as I believe this will be around £1000 and should be more durable than a respray.


I have a set of side strips that are currently not fitted to the car to complete it.


It will need the aforementioned rear discs and pads replacing for an MOT along with wheel alignment due to all the suspension components being replaced.


I have a pile of receipts for spares etc totalling just under £1400, all of which have been fitted to the car along with some items that I had spare from previous Corrado ownership.


This will be a very nice factory standard Corrado with a bit more time and effort, getting very hard to find good examples now.


Mileage is showing about 114k on the clocks.



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Sorry to hear you've got to throw in the towel on this one Yan! Like you say, it seems like a really straight VR and just needs tidying up now and getting back on the road. Hope you manage sell it quickly / painlessly enough.

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Now sold, hopefully the new owner will keep us up to date with the progress as he goes, enjoy it.

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