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Half Leather Corrado Electric Recaros - VGC

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These were theoretically sold, so I pulled the previous advert, however it fell through as the buyer couldn't get the money together. They are in my way, and I could do with the cash, so £700 firm takes them. I could mess around listing them at a higher price to get bargained down, or put them on ebay and get more for them etc etc, but I could do with a hassle free, fairly quick sale, so there you go!


Full set of Proper Corrado Recaros, in Half Black leather. In very good, useable condition, but not completely mint, I have tried to get pics of any bits that aren't so good, but all pretty minor stuff so difficult to get pictures of.


I know that these can attract frankly ridiculous money sometimes, and being skint, would love to be getting pocketfuls of cash for these, however, I have tried to price them fairly given the condition, and in mind that I could do with them out of the way (If I had the space I would just keep them till I end up with a rado again, as I think they are probably the best seats I have ever had in a car bar none) and so I am after £900£700


Originally (I am guessing) from a left hooker, drivers bolsters are in excellent condition, and the passengers side, while leather is all very good, the bolsters are very, very slightly flattened if I am being ultra critical. The cloth centres could probably benefit from a good deep clean, but are certainly not dirty or unusable, I am just again being ultra critical. Anyway, pictures speak a thousand words, so:


Drivers Side:


Overall very good condition, leather in great condition, couple of marks on cloth parts



Small Mark on piping at the furthest section back on bottom cushion:



Mark at very back of bottom cushion where fabric has rubbed:






Mark on Headrest:




Passengers Side:


Again overall very good condition - As said further up, if being ultra critical, the outer bolsters are a little flattened due to being from a LHD, and there are a couple of tiny marks on the piping on the upper bolster (shown in pics)



Marks on Piping:



Mark on Headrest:




Complete with original First Aid kit (which still has all the stuff in it as far as I can see, unopened) and the warning triangle (I haven't taken the triangle out to take pics, as I was worried about putting it back in properly - I have never taken one out before!)










Note that any marks that show on the leather in the main pics are down to how it was stacked prior to pics, and are not permanent marks










Small mark on rear of headrest on drivers side rear:




If anyone wants more pictures, let me know, however I would much rather any prospective buyer came to see them and was 100% happy with them before buying (also they would be both very expensive and risky to courier). Also, the seats are at my Dads house in the West Midlands, and I work in Cardiff all week, so would be the weekend before I could get more.


I also removed the wiring loom for the seats - I assume it is actually already installed in all corrados anyway, but if not I have it and the purchaser of the seats is welcome to it if they wish.


It is not up to me what happens to them once they are sold, however I would really like them to go into a corrado, and not have the rears *******ised to fit into a polo or golf etc, as they are such an original, good condition set of seats. I would love to keep them, but don't have the space or spare cash at the minute to justify it - I doubt I will be able to get another set anytime soon


They are in Walsall, West Mids for viewing


Any questions, just shout



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