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'91 "B3 TYP" VW B3 Passat CL, 2.0 8v, Auto, Alpine White, Coilovers, Leather etc!

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Hi All,


Well I didn't think I was gonna sell this :( Life has a uncanny knack of throwing you a curve ball every now & again!


I've owned her since 31st March 2013 and had intended on keeping her & changing a few things etc. Mainly I had a 2.8 V6 4mo transplant lined up, Manual Gearbox conversion, KW Coilovers & a full respray by UnitSixteen once the weather had got better, but we're chopping in 2 cars for 1 new one, the vRS has gone & the Passat sadly has too as well. I need a tow car and however much I try and convince myself it will make a good tow car, being a petrol & auto means it wont!


So after 9 awesome months of ownership its time to pass "B3 TYP" over to someone else!


So details:


Mileage: 125,492

MOT: 29/07/2014

TAX: 31/03/2014

Timing Belt Done on 29/09/2011 at 113,097


Spent its former years on a UK, US Air Force Base. Have the DOD paperwork etc. It probably why its a bit of a weird spec. its a CL but has MFA, Front Fogs, Height Adjustable Headlights, Leather etc. It also has keep fit windows (so I suspect the leather is retro fit) & No C/Locking.


Since Owning her she has given me no major mechanical issues, that's a testament to her previous owners, the file that comes with her is fairly large and the receipts are pretty comprehensive. For the MOT this year it need a Rear Brake Line. There were a few niggly jobs that I noticed when purchasing that I've fixed, these were:


*Fix errant Bonnet Prop

*Battery was Bungee corded in place :o Sorted with Genuine VAG battery holder & re-tapped rusted bolt.

*Re-Fix boot load cover

*Replace Bulb on Gear Selector switch (Nightmare to find) so I could see what gear I was selecting in the dark!

*Battery kept going flat, replaced with Bosch Silver Top with 5yr Guarantee


As I said, I've only had to replace a rear brake line for the MOT this year, I have also replaced the clear front indicators with Genuine NOS Amber Units, Sourced & fitted an Uber rare period cup holder, removed the sub & amp (wiring still there & still have the sub & amp if you really want them) Have some genuine B3 Roof Rails to go on, not fitted but I'll include them in the sale. In the pics you'll see a Momo 280mm Steering wheel, the Original will be going back on for the sale, unless you really want the 280, then we can probs work something out!


Its fitted with some choice Mods, these are:



*CL badges in front wings

*Team Heko wind deflectors

*Rare period front cup holder

*Rear 1/2 Tint lights

*Rare Wiper Motor Cover

*US Rear Tub

*De-wipered at the rear

*JOM Coilovers

*Camber Shims in the Rear

*Working rear load cover

*Full Stainless Exhaust System by Longlife


It drives mint! I love driving it, really goes down the twistys well and is a fairly comfortable cruiser at 70mph on the motorway! The coilovers do give it a firm ride and it is fairly low, but never had any real issues TBF, even loaded with camping gear for our Summer Holiday it coped admirably and with steady driving on a run It gets 420-450 miles from a tank! I thought I'd hate it being an Auto, but it really suits the car, it changes gears nicely etc and the 2.0 8v motor is surprisingly fit!


At the moment it's on its winter steels, so not looking its best, these have been stripped & repainted gloss black & fitted with UniRoyal Rainexpert tyres, they have loads of tread left! I have a set of RM's I was going to fit in the summer. They need a good polish up (this was going to be one of my winter Jobs) Not including them in the price but If you wanted them, then I'm sure we can come to a deal.


Bad points, Not many really. The gear selector button is broken (was like this when I bought it, doesn't affect you getting gears, was going to replace but simply cannot find one) The paint work is generally very good, has some stone chips etc as you'd expect for a 22year old car. Its started to bubble on the rear arch but not broken the paint yet (was planning on a respray so this would have got sorted) and the front passenger door handle can be a bit fiddly to open. Roof is a vinyl rap and this is starting to peel at front corner.Advisories on this years MOT were a front bike pipe slightly corroded, slight play in Top mounts and no side repeaters fitted!


Now for some Pics:


When I 1st got her (this is how cool she can look):



















Pics of bad bits on rear arch:



I've really had an awesome 9 months of ownership, If I could keep her I would and I'll really miss her when she's gone :(


As she stand I'd like £1300, the Plate is worth £400 but will be staying on the car, It belongs to the car I think! Like I said If you want the RM's I'm sure we can negotiate. I already have the new car, so not looking to Part-Ex or swap, but never say never :laugh:


The car is in Darlington, in the North East. Not being used daily so mileage will stay pretty static. I can be reached here, by PM or Call on Zero7971 Six23155


Cheers & sorry for my long Ad!

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