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FREE - Door & Bumper from Late VR - FREE

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A couple of panels left over from my dear departed VR6. SOLD - SORRY FOLKS!


For some reason my Dad is not so happy about these being on the patio anymore, so either they go to someone who needs them for beer money or they will be going to the scrap man over Christmas.


Collection only, although that could be from either Walsall, West Mids (WS9 postcode) or from Cardiff, as I am always in Cardiff during the week, so could get them there for collection if needed. Open to offers, particularly if you can collect from Walsall as it is a lot less hassle for me than fitting them into the car and dragging them to Cardiff!


Rear Bumper (Moonlight Blue) - Pretty good condition as far as I can see. Bumper iron is a bit rusty, but skin is in good nick with a nice shine -FREE





Passengers Side Door - In twilight violet, and frankly a little ropey (see pics for specific bad bits) - few marks all over, paint is a bit tired etc. It does, however, still have window, electric window regulator/fixings, door catch, central locking bits all on it, and might be of use to someone - It obviously all still works fine etc, just a bit tired - FREE









Any questions about anything, just shout





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Right - Free to anyone who can collect them and get them out of my way...


If no takers, will be going down to the scrap man as soon as I get a chance



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