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Speedo Binnacle Covers - Group Buy Feeler - P12 - Prototypes fitted, all OK!

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Hi folks..


Thanks to diarmaid16 very kindly loaning me a pair of new speedo binnacle covers, I'm making enquiries with a company I talked to at the NEC Classic Car show, who reproduce obsolete car parts by 3D scanning and 3D printing them. They showed me a demo of the hardware they use, and I also had the chance to check out some items they'd already printed - it was all quite impressive.


At this point I have literally no idea on possible prices, and lead times for getting them made. However my intention would be for them to be no more than something like a tenner a pair, bearing in mind that the cost for the covers will need to factor in the scanning, and any tidy up work on the image that's scanned as well as the manufacturing costs. The benefit with the 3D printing solution is that there should be no tooling costs so the prices shouldn't be insane. If they do turn out to be expensive, we'll need to get a consensus on whether there are people who want these parts so badly they're willing to pay more, and decide whether we still go ahead.


So at this point, I just want to know who would be interested in a pair (or pairs), subject to them being a reasonable price. More details will follow as soon as I have them!




Jim x1

Sean_Jaymo x1

dragon green x2

stuarttaylor37 x1

owen g60 x1

seanl82 x1

Mark Foster x1

Dude VR6 x1

volksworld13 x2

Goldie x2

cinadine x1

ridlymaca x1

robrado974 x1

mic_VR x2

eugopnosaj x1

wesleyvr6 x1

jamie_300 x1

VAG-hag x1 / x2

Byrd x1

redborbet x1 / x2

Tigerfish x1 / x2

jonny_ash x1

coullstar x2

Album56 x1

Roger Chatfield x1

sankysvr6 x1

g0ldf1ng3r x3

neuon2003 x2

Jon_vr6 x2

science x2

20vtvw x1

Hatton VR6 x1

clumpy1 x1

diamaid16 x1 (free)

tonytiger x2


(49 pairs..)

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My hope is they'll be a gloss black plastic and won't need painting!

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Cheers chaps. No reply from the company yet. I will keep you all updated as and when it progresses along.

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Yes - but I was under the, clearly mistaken impression, that these were obsolete and no longer available! Already looks like there's not much point in doing this group-buy?!

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Since you already have around 16 interested people you could maybe see if arz will give a forum discount for this part, or maybe all corrado parts?



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Indeed - I might see about dropping them a line. Maybe arrange a group buy on these parts and see what they can do on like 20 pairs. I'd suggest folks keep registering their interest and we can go from there!

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The ARZ tuning ones were the ones that were made by some chinese company and they were a rubbish fit so keep with your company Jim

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