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Corrado Heat Shield Hood Liner (Group Buy 2014)

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There have been a few people asking for these again, so if there is enough interest im happy to organise another run


The last group buy can be seen here,



I have re-established contact with the supplier and they are willing to offer group-buy discounts again


Current prices for 1 liner and shipping to the UK is $49 plus shipping of $49.7 = $98.7 (£59.81 GDP) + Import duty


Quantity 15+ would be $33 for each liner and $7 for each emblem.


Shipping for 15 liners $90

Shipping for 20 liners $100


The final price will depend of how many people are interested, import tax and postage this end, Last time this all came to £30 delivered to your door, however this was with over 40 people and low import duty, so please expect the final to be £30-40


If your interested please let me know, if it's a VR6 or G60 shield and if you want to include an Emblem, please state colour


For referance:




Thanks, Steve





1. Seanl82

2. Southerner88

3. Spiderfish

4. RPoul - emblem

5. Grum21

6. Rocket Ron

7. cinadine

8. Micky fletch

9. loepan - silver emblem

10. Ed21 - silver emblem

11. mr.ots



1. volksworld13




Here is an link to the Classic 9 Leather web site



It's made of special blend of 1/4 inch thick closed cell nitrile vinyl foam rubber designed for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads and comes with a 13 inch Red, White or Silver VW logo decal.

The logo can be red white, or silver. Please indicate which color you prefer in the remarks section when you purchase it or in a message to the seller.

It adds a much cleaner look to your engine compartment, holds up to water, oil, petrol and mildew, much better than the OEM hood pads and keeps the exterior of the hood cool while not reflecting engine heat back down toward your intake. It's actually made for covering the firewall in aircraft and is FAA approved for aircraft.

Compare this hood liner to a factory original or factory replacement.


Factory Liner My Liner

Will it rot? Yes No

Material Latex Foam Vinyl Nitrile

Fire Retardant No Yes

Sound Insulator Yes Yes

Heat Insulator Somewhat Yes

Oil resistant No Yes

Chemical resistant No Yes

Water resistant No Yes

Mildew Resistant No Yes

Washable No Yes

Nifty VW logo No Yes


Made of 1/4 inch nitrile vinyl closed cell foam rubber, it will not absorb water or oil. Its light, about 14 ounces, and is also fire retardant and insulates against sound and heat.


You can wash it and hose it off. Since it’s made for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads, it’s extremely light and unlike the factory liner will not absorb water and resists mildew. It has a smooth finish and the color is black.


Its pre cut to fit all model Corrado VW VR6s with the same design as seen in the photographs. Installation is easy using 3M type #80 or # 90 spray adhesive or other high temp adhesive for vinyl nitrile foam rubber.

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