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Private Plate

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Hey all, hope you're well! :camp:


I'm selling a private plate so thought I'd put it on here, it's been valued by one of those silly websites at £650 but I doubt anyone will pay that, so thought I'd stick it on here for £250 plus transfer to see if there's any interest. As you can see, if you were squinting while looking at it from at least 15 metres away, with a couple of strategically placed black screws it would read 'COOOL'. If you're dyslexic, and ****ed. Other than that, if your lucky number is 13, and your name is Charles Cedric Lovejoy this could be the plate for you!


It's currently on the car, I have another plate that I'll be putting on the car so I can put this plate straight onto a vehicle for whoever buys it, here's a couple of pics;





If anyone fancies it, drop me an email at dave At unity social media dot co dot uk

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