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***NEW PHOTOS*** 1994 Dragon Green VR6 - 77k Miles - Recaro Leather Interior - £4500

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Hi everyone,


Regrettably I have come to the final decision to sell on my much loved Corrado.

I've been debating the decision for some time but unfortunately a lot of current life changes means it's probably for the best.

Anyways, enough about me more about the car:


- 1994 L reg VR6 in Dragon Green

- 77,800 miles

- MOT'd until 22/06/2015

- Tax'd until November 2014

- Black leather Recaro interior (good/very good condition)

- Full service history up until 48,000 miles (When I bought the car) The 1st service under my ownership was at G-Werks, and a 2nd at DG. Since these I have carried out the services myself every year at a friends workshop using genuine filters and Quantum Synta (Silver). I have just had it serviced with Synta Silver and genuine filter, (21st March) and the book has been stamped accordingly. I have also cleaned and oiled the K&N air filter.


I am the 4th owner, although the 1st and 2nd are the same person (car was originally the 1st owners company car, and then he bought it off the company)

Below is a list of modifications and work the car has gone through in my possession nothing extreme or that can't be changed back:


KW V1's (fitted 2009)

288mm brake upgrade from a late mk3 VR6

Mk4 rear calipers

Goodridge hoses

One of the few DG headlight looms that were made

K&N air filter but original air box comes with it

DDI clocks, with blue lights and inverted red LCD screens (modern VW/Audi feel)

Interior switches changed to red LED's

Hard brake lines have all been replaced (April 2012)

New drop links, wishbones/R32 bushes, ball joints, handbrake cables (2010)

Smoked/Red rear clusters from ARZ tuning

Smoked side repeaters

Front fogs/indicators have been lamin-x'd in dark smoke

Debadged grill (original included)

Momo Jet 320mm steering wheel

Foxguard alarm

Heko wind deflectors

New battery in 2013

Currently on RH Cups, re-furbed last year and hardly seen any mileage since

(There may be a couple of things I've missed)

All the electrics are working as they should, bar the heaters. The directional control is broken, currently set to the windscreen - they work on numbers 1-4 fine though.


In general, the paintwork is pretty good. There are however, a couple of tiny dings along the crease. There is a couple of light scratches, nothing a good polish wouldn't sort out I imagine.

The rear bumper has some lacquer peel

Rust wise, the n/s wing has a small amount of rust at the front near the headlight. The N/S/R arch has a couple of small rust bubbles just starting to surface

Underside is very solid, sills are absolutely fine.

The car has been kept in a garage when not being used the majority of it's recent life (3-4years) as I've been driving a company van to work. However, with one of the most recent changes in my life I had to move temporarily without a garage. From this, I've noticed there is a leak somewhere, possibly the doors as the carpets were slightly damp with all the bad weather in the South West a couple of months ago. Definitely not the heater matrix, as this has only happened since being outside in the weather. The car is now garaged and tucked away again.


Trying to be brutally honest here with the negatives, I wouldn't want someone to come a long distance for something inaccurately described!!

Really not an easy decision to make, but I'm hoping someone will take good care of him and love it as I have.


Bottom line, it's a lovely low mileage example that with a few little jobs would be perfect.



Happy to answer any questions or arrange viewings. Based at BA14, Wilts.


I'm asking for £4,500

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