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corrado storm mystic blue £1200

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please help save my storm i do not want to break it.


i'm selling my storm as i have 2 other cars and i can't afford or justify putting it back on the road.


the car is a mystic blue storm with 125k on the clock


the car failed its mot over a year ago and i have been planning on sorting it since then but have not had the time and now have a new baby and have zero time or spare cash.


the car failed due to:


rusty sill that needs replacing/repairing

leaking shock absorber

failed emissions (now repaired and passed) coil pack replaced

brake imbalance (all parts are fairly new but the car was off road for 12 months so a clean would sort)

a suspension bush or two


i can't find the fail cert so this is from memory


there was an advisory for:

coolant leak (thermostat housing as only leaks when hot from that area)

an oil leak which i was told was the rocker cover


there may have been a few more but the only fail of any concern and the reason the car is off the road is the sill as it required labour and the cost of the sill and i don't weld


since being off the road the battery has gone flat but it does start with a jump start and the engine oil pressure light now comes on when its running but there is oil (i believe this is just the oil has slugged up a bit through lack of use)


someone with the right skills could put the car back on the road for little cost to them other than a bit of time. i really don't want to break the car down so someone please make me an offer, i honestly would be happier taking less for the car to be fixed than to see it broken down. i know a nice storm can fetch 5k and it wouldn't cost a fraction of that to put the car right.


i'll try get some photos sorted soon. any questions please message me


oh also the car has an log conversion fitted so runs very cheap but can be removed should you not want it. it was professionally installed at a firm in wales.


the car is located in york should you want to see it.


Right folkes im making some time to get pics sorted on thursday or friday this week. Ill email the specific pics you have asked for (those that have asked)





Update ��


Hi folkes


Unfortunately i think the bottom end has gone on the engine so it may not be what you are looking for. It still runns but sounds rough. There is a knock in the bottom (thats how it sounds to me. If any if you are technical and interested feel free to make me an offer. If not and you want a donor car or you feel you can make money breaking it again make me an offer. The leather is tidy and worth 500 to 600 theres a spare coil pack the head is fine theres a cd player a spare number plate plinth spare front grill 2 possibly 3 good avons the 4 wheels the lupo wiper conversion straight doors boot subroof etc. Oh and the stag 300 lpg conversion. I cant be arsed to break so give it a shot i can


only say no.



Thanks for your questions and interest folkes. The car has now sold

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