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Right then

Does anyone want to sell some?

I really want BLACK ones as i have a silver car but as i was let down by tomi.

i am in limbo land regarding some seats?

Anyone thinking of selling? anyone want to do a swap/deal? anyone want some money (for a set of Recaros?)

what have you got im going to have to forget this in a minute and just buy some better seats if not!!!!


However if there is a glimmer of hope i shall resist

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I cant seem to move on from this :shrug:

?? What do you mean you will only be happy with Corrado Recaro's?? Try German Ebay they come up on there

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Of course you can!!

After all a bird in the bush is worth two on the hand :fondle:

Well i thought you might just be ready to sell them by now Baron!

(after pushing 4 months)


As you know i want black cloth really but grey leather might look ok?

Your seats look like they are in need a full on refurb as the leather is dry cracked and burnt/marked,

However as you are just up the road and all i feel that it is a fair offer for cash

which side of brizol are you?


How are those other projects coming along?

I think we might be a bit to far away on the price but phone me 2morrow if you want


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