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[eBay] 1998 BMW 728i 'Individual'

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So some of you folks may have seen this come up for sale a few weeks ago. My Corrado wasn't ready for an impending road trip to Germany, and in a moment of 'free spirited' (read craziness) I decided to buy it as a more fun alternative to a hire car, with the intention to punt it on again as soon as I got home. Well, it chewed up the 1,100 mile road trip without any drama, and it certainly was a talking point amongst my friends both here and in Germany. Here it now is up for sale on eBay.


The description on eBay is thorough, listing the problems I'm aware of and which manifested themselves on the trip. This would be an ideal run around for someone with a set of spanners and some skills. It's an exceptionally nice car to drive and if I had my own driveway, I'd be keeping it until I had the spare pennies to fix the handful of issues and get it re-MOT'd.. alas I don't, and I need to prioritise my time and money on the Corrado so she has to go ASAP.




Any questions, let me know. If you're seriously interested PM me and we can sort out a price. I paid £600 for it, I will accept a bit less than that.



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