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G60 Boost leak test

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Hi all,

For those of you with G60's that haven't yet checked for boost leaks Do it now! It's easy to do and (if you have a big leak like I did) could make a massive difference to the power, driveability and enjoyment of your car.


I'd already checked for leaks from the charger exhaust outlet to the throttle body using some 50mm PVC waste pipe fittings and a bicycle valve cut from an old inner tube.


I came up with this method of checking the entire system (I haven't seen it on a forum before so i thought I'd share). Take the PVC fitting you drilled and mounted the bike valve in, remove the air filter (leave the rubber pipe attached to the charger). Now push the PVC into the end of the pipe and use the clamp to seal it (see pic).20140801_174541.jpg


Now you can use a pump to pressurise the entire boost system. Initially I used my kite pump but the air was leaking out as fast as I could pump it in, turned out there was a huge leak at the S/C plastic silencer.


After I fixed the leak I was able to pump the entire system up (using a bike pump)to half a bar (you can see the air box hose expanding!) and it took several minutes to leak down to atmospheric. The system will never hold pressure indefinitely as it will leak past the rings


The difference in performance right across the rev range is huge! :dance:

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