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Complete 2.9 VR6 Vege Engine - SOLD

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Complete 2.9 VR6 Vege Engine


Hi There,

This Vege engine has a bit of a story to it so stick with me!!

My mate Matt (8vMatt on here) who I bought the car off bought the engine back in 2012 from someone on the forum See link




Now I actually went with him to pick it up and helped remove the engine from the car. it was in the car in the above advert.


I had the engine dry stored in my garage for a year before I purchased Matts Corrado VR6 along with the engine from him.


As there was a small leak from the rocker cover I decided to give it an overhall in preperation for an engine change this winter. Now in stripping the rocker I noticed that the cams were not in fact 263 as advertised but standard VR6 items. They were in perfectly good condition though. Also there was no signs that any porting or polishing had been done. I dropped the sump to check it for any evidence of wear but it was all good. No resedue or bits of metal on the magnet. We also oiled the cylinders and turned it over to ensure it wasnt seized. Put it back together with all the parts listed.

with new rocker cover gasket and sump gasket.

New water pump fitted along with all water seals and gaskets.

New oil cooler gaskets and seals.

I also have all the gaskets and fluids required once fitted.

New inlet manifold gaskets

Toothed belt

Oil filter

Fuel filter.

2litres G13

6 litres Fully synth oil



O.k so I have a the bill to supply and fit the engine into the vehicle we bought it out of and we saw MOT evidence that it had only covered 40k miles since fitted.


I am being completely honest with you as very little digging would reveal this story. I have full faith that this engine is strong and works as it should. I think maybe that the original seller perhaps was either ripped off or was trying to jazz it up to get more money for it. The pulleys are definately on it though.



Any questions please ask and is collection from TQ3. Gonna give it a week on here with you guys before Fleabay.


I do have another complete VR6 engine in my Corrado that has 135k on it and runs sweet that could also be included.


Brand new Raceland 6-1 with heatwrap and straps for additional ?240


List Date: 2/22/2015


For more info, click here to view the original listing: Complete 2.9 VR6 Vege Engine












Mobile friendly version: Complete 2.9 VR6 Vege Engine


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