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GAP Insurance - from a car dealer? Really?!

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GAP INSURANCE - from a car dealer? Really?!


If you're buying a new car in the coming weeks you might also be considering GAP Insurance.


But do you really want to be buying an insurance product from a car dealer? Wouldn't you have more peace of mind if you used an insurance expert who can give you impartial advice that isn't connected to selling you the car? Chances are you'd get a better price for the cover too. A serious saving!


If you'd like us to quote for your GAP Cover or you just want advice please give us a call on 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477). Alternatively, you can use our quote & buy facility at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/GAP



Don't forget to call us if your car insurance is due either. We have great rates available under our special car club scheme that members can enjoy.




Here's some very recent feedback from happy car club/forum members:


"Personal experience with Chris Knott: Great service, great prices, very pleasant and helpful people on the phone every time, so good I have 2 vehicles insured with them. Worth a go for anyone looking to insure, it's good to have someone support us enthusiasts." PeterG, SciroccoCentral


"Took my policy out with you guys this morning. Can't remember the lady I spoke to but she was great and told me everything that you guys need. Just waiting on the paperwork now so I can forward those documents you require. Great price too, beat my renewal by >£300!! Plus with a better excess and what appears to be a better policy. Top service! Thank you!" Ant21, Astra Owners Network


"Got a great quote from you guys the other week and signed straight away no questions - good policy and can't wait for it to start this week neither can kenny so he can actually drive lol. Thanks" Gizmo, Astra Owners Network


“Agree with all the above, great friendly company to deal with, beat every quote I got, they even beat a renewal quote from an insurance company I had bean with for four years” andy-v, Corsa-C UK


"Just spoke to Kathy @ ChrisKnott and managed to get me the best quote for my van, actually its half the price of my existing insurance quote, so really pleased and will go ahead with Chris Knott" BATVAN, Astra Owners Network


"I've been quoted £519 with Chris Knott, beating the quotes I've been given by other insurers, Ian Willis who dealt with me was very pleasant and professional and got everything boxed off quickly. Cheers!" Notepad, Note Owners Club



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