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Tony's first Corrado, after a long line of Mk2's! L107ODU - Aqua Blue Pearl VR6.

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Hello all,


Thought I'd post and introduce myself. My names Tony, I live in Northampton and have been a VW/VAG fan for years.


Here's a little run down of a few of the cars I've had :)


I've owned around ten MK2 Golfs, Including a Jetta that I converted to VR6




In no particular order some of my Golf's from over the years...


£500 valver -




Capri green Auto -




My first mk2









One that I sold to my mate. He did this to it two weeks after -





One I broke after two years service -







And this 90 spec mk2 I also converted to VR6 running the full widetrack setup that was my daily hack for over 2 years.


As I bought it as a roller -




The Donor for it -




Finished -






I bought this to fix and sell from a friend in work. He let me have it for £2000 after the cambelt snapped! lol

It was a taxi, and had 165k miles, but I still turned a tidy profit on it.



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I then bought an Audi B5 S4 that put out 337hp/362lbft. I also lost my license in this car and got banned for just over 16 months! :(






Mrs bought this in the mean time and loved it until the box started to slip... Have to say how well these little things handle - you can fling them anywhere!




Anyway, after getting my license back I bought a Skoda Octavia VRS TDI:






Then a 330d that was a little worse for wear -





Then a Leon FR TFSI - DSG. Would love a DSG box again, absolutely amazing bits of kit.





Swapped for a 320d M sport -





As well as few more cars recently lol. After spending years in mk2's when I regained my licence I thought I'd chop and change a bit. I've had another E90, a D3 A8 3.0 TDI, and now own this -






Horrible bit of kit. Only 83k miles and the gearbox is kaput, and the rear wheel bearings are whining too.

It'll be up for sale within a week or so.


Anyway, onto my most recent aquisition on the next post, and the reason I'm here.



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Finally after 5 years of being here, I officially join the club :)


I bought this little beauty from SeanL83 off here. Although I first saw it advertised on ebay.




Finally get down to the car at 10pm, do the deal and head on back. On the M27/M3 I see blues flashing behind me and get tugged right on the slip road by a lovely chap in a 64 plate F30 330D. Obviously car is showing as uninsured and untaxed, so I explain the situ and show him email from DVLA confirming vehicle tax, then the insurance docs downloaded to my phone to find the battery dies!! Long story short he lets me go as he thought I was a decent honest bloke lol.


Sneaky pic two mins after Mr Copper disappeared as I noticed it was just about to touch 165k...




Getting low on fuel I was a little worried so pulled off the M3 at Winchester. I then wasted half an hour charging my phone on the poxy cigarette lighter to get google maps working, and eventually find a shell to stick £30's worth of their finest V power. Then rejoin M3 to see a bloody BP service station about 2 miles up the road!! :(


Obligatory new car/petrol station pics...





Then it starts to rain a little, and the wipers go a little temperamental before stopping altogether! It was lucky the screen was immaculate as the rain beaded straight off, and was quite bearable. Pulled over to check and found that if you tap the wiper motor it gets it moving again, so maybe the brushes are worn.


Made it home at 02:45, with just under a quarter of a tank left, and that was with plenty of right foot VR love :)


Very happy with the motor - yet to see it in daylight, but it feels nice and tight to drive, and the engine is a peach. Sean was definitely as much of an enthusiast as I am, so I'll take over where he left off.


On the list to do already:


Wiper motor + retrofit bosch flat wiper blades.

Gear stick play (bit of a wooden stick in a mixing bowl)

Headlight upgrade.

Interior niggles sorting.


Cheers guys, and thanks again to Sean.



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Wiper motor sorted temporarily with some WD40 around the motor itself, and white grease on the spindles and mech.


Gear stick play sorted - two missing bolts. 90% perfect now, but a hell of alot better than it was before.


Lots to do -


-Sort the headlights - thinking a relayed loom and some decent bulbs.

-Remove and refit dash with plenty of fabric tape to stop the rattles and squeaks. It also seems quite loose so think a few screws are missing.

-Sort temperamental Toad alarm.

-Two new door striker pins.

-A set of decent tailor made carpet mats.

-De rust a few bits with some Bilt Hamber products.

-Retrofit bosch flat wiper blades.

-New suspension - ride is very crashy, feels worse than cheapo coilovers.


That'll do for now... I could add more haha.


Wanted a Corrado for a 20vt swap originally, but must have forgot just how immense the VR sounds. Maybe a 24v swap, or see if I can source a supercharger possibly. Not sure yet. Any opionions?

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Cheers Rog. He is a nice bloke. I said in the other thread it was a shame it was late. Would have loved to have stopped and chat for a bit longer.


And it is a good one. Could easily have paid a hell of a lot more for something similar. Big plans for it, just not sure which direction to take it in at the moment.


I need to fit the spare box, and wheel bearings I've got to the VXR, and get it sold to free up some pocket money to treat the Corrado :)

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Glad you're enjoying it and it's gone to an enthusiast Tony! Sounds like you've discovered some problems that I missed so apologies for that. Would have been good to see in the light and chat for longer too. Look forward to seeing how you progress with it mate. Oh, and some cracking cars you've had in the past too!

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Congrats again, Tony! :clap:


Am I seeing double, am sure congratuled u in another thread? :eek:

Or was I dreaming in? :scratch:



Unfortunate u got pulled over by the cops.

One of those dreaded moments when insurance database and Tax database not updated yet :(

Glad u met cops with common sense :thumb right:


Having met Sean - he is an absolute 150% gentleman and I agree to total enthusiast who will go the extra working on his cars and helping others too :salute:

Wouldnt surprised me if he also detailed all the glasses and added RainX hence the beading windscreen :lol:



Enjoy Tony and keep us posted :)


PS: some awesome big engine BMs u had there :)

PPS: Maybe just me but i never benefited much from a DSg :(

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Haha, thanks chaps.


Wayne, maybe mate. But thanks again for the second time :p

My Mrs can only drive Auto, and the DSG box is by far and away the best automatic I've ever driven. The Leon had a straight through exhaust and the fart noise it would make when changing gear made me giggle like a little girl haha.


Sean, stop apologising! Like I said in the text, I'm over the moon with the car. It needs a few bits, but was priced very well indeed! Look at some on ebay, and they are rotten, high mileage, not looked after and commanding higher prices!


Lots to do to it, but at the moment I'm just finding any excuse to drive the thing lol. It really does handle so well when pushed to the limit.

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Not really much of an update...


Gave her a little clean this morning before early edition and went over it with some quick wax and its looking spanking again.


Only pics I have are yet again more petrol station shots! (sorry!)






Anyway, I've got a few parts sitting here waiting to be fitted...


Febi Expansion tank + H4 Phillips Bulb Upgrade.




£6.45 for the expansion tank with delivery from amazon. £6.45!! Haha. It would be rude not to at that price, especially when mine is brown.

And about £15 for the bulbs. I did ponder on a HID kit, but after running them in the past, the amount of people oncoming that flash you started to **** me off. So I opted for a decent bulb upgrade (this includes sidelights too) and will make a relayed loom ASAP to fit too.


Also have a drivers door rod from lilfuzzer on here. Will fit that and sort and solder alarm wiring as it plays up first start of the day. Plus drivers door doesn't lock or unlock off fob as the door rod is missing, meaning I look all cool using a fob to unlock the car from a distance... then have to pop the key in the door to open the drivers side!


Got these sitting here to fit too...


Fresh set of door pins, as both have the plastic rollers missing.


Although they where gold coloured with a yellow roller and not silver!


And some seat sliders too as the drivers one rocks side to side.



Plus I've got to pop to TPS tomorrow to get the rear sliders.


Also bought some tint spray to go over the orange lenses at the back. And have some Bosch retrofit aero wipers and coolant to collect from ECP tomorrow morning.


And then find time to fit the lot!!!

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Oh and some little ****er nicked a Speedline badge whilst I was parked outside Early Edition. :censored:

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I have been pondering a 20vt conversion, or something that can give a bit more oomph. A few recent tussles with Civic Type R's were a little too close for my liking ;)

However, I love the VR engine and everything about it so I'm in two minds about what to do. I have considered Turboing it, but that isn't really in my budget at the moment, although I can more than likely afford the kit that is for sale on here within the next few weeks. BUT, really I shouldn't and the Mrs will kill me haha.


I think my best bet is to be on the lookout for a rolling shell or something similar, and try and pick up a cheap post 2000 (with Ko3s) mk4 GTI to break as a donor for it. I bet the whole lot could be done on a decent budget, with parts accumulated bit by bit, plus making some money back from the mk4 hopefully. Like I said, I'm not sure yet. All food for thought.



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Oh and some little ****er nicked a Speedline badge whilst I was parked outside Early Edition. :censored:


The Part Nr is 535601149A Tony, VW still had 2 available late last year when I bought some?



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Thanks mate.


Had to mention it, but first thoughts are overly helpful people always come across as guilty haha.


So just give me it back and buy your own.

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