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Which brake pads

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Well I got the car with standard pagid pads and drilled discs and was not happy with them

I did get some pagid rs4 things but they sent me the ones for the 280mm discs so being stuck I got some jurid ones from GSF with fresh brake fluid dot4 and it was bit better

Still not good enough for enthusiastic road driving

I've just adapted to not push too hard to avoid brake fade.

Now with the 24v I've had to hold back a little more

My rear calipers need replacing with rear wheel bearings so going with the mk4 rear calipers

And will need to change the brake lines so getting a full set of braided lines made from black diamond

So the dilemma is which pads to go for?

Still got more than half left on the fronts so keep them

Ferodo ds performance

Ferodo Ds2500

Brembo hp2000

Black diamond fast road ones

Carbone Lorraine rc5+ maybe rc6

I'm leaning towards the CL rc5+ and brembo hp2000

The rears will stay standard with brembo discs and pads if they have stock

I drive very slowly for the 5-10 min till car warms up so cold braking not too much of an issue

And I will be changing the fluid again to something bit better


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I run ferodo ds2500 and i cant believe how good they are , thats with a 312 set up though and full braided lines and dot 5.1 fluid


Iv never had them fade out on me and have given them some proper hammer in the past , when they get warm they just get better and better to the point where your eye balls feel like there going to fall out lol


Cold braking is a bit turn though but its not terrible its just not as good as when there warm

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