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1987 Mars Red Early Mk2 Golf Van For Sale Low Miles 1300 4-Speed!

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1987 Mars Red Early Mk2 Golf Van For Sale Low Miles 1300 4-Speed!


Hi All,


Selling the Mk2 Golf Van! Owned this for roughly 4 years, has been a 4th car, so probs only done 200-300 miles a year!


These are fairly rare and this one is totally original, was going to project it but I think with it being so Original it would maybe be a nice project to restore & show etc as there can't be many of these left now!




1987 D-Reg 1/4 light windows, early style body etc

88K Miles

1300 Carb Engine

4-Speed Box

Some history, all the MOT's since I've owned it

Will be sold with 12months MOT

Original 13" Steel wheels


The previous owner failed to mention that there was a hole in the fuel tank at the top, so when we went to fill it up to drive it open, petrol pi55ed out all over the forecourt...nice! So we've fitted a replacement tank, then windscreen was also replaced & for last years MOT it had new tyres as old ones had cracked sidewalls!


Its a little bit rough round the edges, but has always passed its MOT without issue, drives spot on and the engine is a lovely smooth revvy thing!


Like I said, its almost 30 years old so bodywise I'd probs fit new wings and its starting to rust a bit in the fuel filler etc, but underneath its solid!


I'll let the pics say the rest:

















Car is located in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, TS9 Contact via PM or Call Zero7971 Six02332


?1000 Please




List Date: 5/29/2015

Location: Darlington, United Kingdom


For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1987 Mars Red Early Mk2 Golf Van For Sale Low Miles 1300 4-Speed!


On Sale For: ?1,000.00 (Local Pickup Only)




Mobile friendly version: 1987 Mars Red Early Mk2 Golf Van For Sale Low Miles 1300 4-Speed!


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