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VW Corrado VR6

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VW Corrado VR6


VW Corrado VR6 for sale.

Its time to sell my Corrado, owned for nearly 2 years but now, unfortunately I am losing my garage and I don't want her sitting outside the house, the tax is up at the end of the month as is the insurance..... so I have come to the decision that I must move on. I am posting it on here first before I put it on eBay and get asked stupid questions about her etc.


The car is a 92 K registered VR6, has done 164,000 miles with a pretty extensive service history. I am the 3rd owner of the vehicle, the original owner had it until 2012. Just before I purchased the car the previous owner had done lots and lots of work on it, new water pump, new starter motor and new brakes all round... that was at 155,000 miles. I have just had 2 brand new Avons on the front and there are 2 Falkens on the back in excellent condition. The car had a full service last month with the exception of the K+N panel filter which was cleaned etc.

The MOT is valid until December and the car only failed on the front brake pipes which were replaced. The previous year it passed with no problems.

Mechanically the vehicle is excellent and original and has virtually no problems whatsoever. The exception being that the front left caliper has started sticking slightly and will need either replaced or refurbished...... Eurocarparts will do a one for ?55.

The exterior of the car is Dragon Green and is in very good condition for the age. Could do with a good polish, the sunroof has a pretty noticeable scuff on it but the rest of the car is pretty good. The passenger door has some small dents in it (bloody Asda), The drivers front wheelarch is a bit bubbly with rust but this is the only rust on the entire car.

The interior is full black leather and is completely unmarked with the exception of one of the rear headrests which has some kind of stain on it, only noticeable if you're looking for it and sitting in the boot.

The Sunroof does not tilt as it has the common fault of the broken plate and the central locking does not work, I have a brand new central locking pump installed but have not had time to sort the wiring in the doors.

It makes all the usual VR6 groans and squeaks and is a cracking unabused example and will be only going up in value. With a little bit of work the car would be immaculate.

I offer it on here because I want it to go to a good home.

Open to sensible offers on it as it has to go.

I can be texted/called on 07541415587

emailed on [email protected]

If you are a marketing company etc. you will be told what you can do with your phone/pc/laptop


After MANY MANY timewasters, some of which have been down right abusive, I have lowered the price. I WILL NOT take any less than advertised and I will not put up with any abuse.



List Date: 6/18/2015

Location: Ashington, United Kingdom


For more info, click here to view the original listing: VW Corrado VR6


On Sale For: ?1,995.00 (Local Pickup Only)













Mobile friendly version: VW Corrado VR6


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