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Breaking - Dragon Green 2.0 16v

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Have now pretty much stripped the car to a bare shell. Along the way a few bodges have been uncovered and lots of annoying bits broken or damaged sadly. Ive updated the list below to reflect the items I have available.


Parts available


Front bumper irons

Tailgate (some scratches but rust free)

Rear bumper (scuff on corner)

Grey roof lining

Black door cards

Black carpet

Black dash inc glovebox

Black boot carpet

Black side boot carpets

Exhaust heat shields

Rear axle

Power steering setup

Drivers black a pillar trim

Driver and pass black b pillar trim

Driver and pass black c pillar trim

Cross trim at top of tailgate in black

Front hubs

Servo and abs switch

Abs pump

Abs wiring and ecu

Centre tunnel console in black

Roof gutter trims

Front subframe

Front lower crossmember

Wings (passengers scratched but rust free, drivers has bit of surface rust at bottom)

Doors (few dings and scrapes but cheap if any use?)



Inlet manifold

Metering head

Fuel pumps

Fuel lines


Starter motor

Late spec clocks

Tailgate seal

Passenger door seal

15" space saver

14" space saver

Abf bottom end

9a head



Selector cables

Front arch liners

Wiper/ind stalks

Black parcel shelf

Black parcel shelf supports

Unknown lowered shocks and springs

Sunroof panel inc motor

Lower dashboard cubby box

Pedal box and hydraulic clutch system

Door glass

Inner door handles (drivers with mirror switch)


Will update as I find more bits

Located near Matlock in Derbyshire. Collection of parts preferred but can post smaller items.

Matt 07944 884008

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Hi. Does the sunroof work properly? If so please let me know how much you want for it.


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Sorry for Lack of updates, haven't had chance to strip as much of car as I would have liked. As the car is an early one with some later interior parts fitted ( and broken in the process!) I need to see which bits are useable.

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Hi mate is the black parcel shelf available? If so now much would you want including postage to Southampton?


Yes but not keen on posting due to damage risk.


Do you have the engine loom and ecu ?


Yes, both available


Have you got a horn?


Think it got scrapped with the shell,sorry


Late set of clocks - mileage? red needles? MFA hose on back? Cost?


Unknown mileage,pretty sure needles are red. Will get pics this weekend.


Hi Mate

how much for the tailgate and is the spoiler still working?


Looking for £25 for tailgate, not sure if spoiler worked but can try and test it

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