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G60 Lader rebuild Questions.

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I would like to rebuild my G60 lader. I have one working on my car, and I bought a second hand one from ebay to get it ready and have as spare.


The one I bought from ebay, came with a bad displacer, and worn casings. I know I need to get a new displacer, but I have doubts about the casings.


Here are some pics:














Pictures of the displacer, so you can have an idea of the wear:








So my questions are:


1) Can I reuse the casings with an original G60 magnisium displacer? including a good quality rebuild kit.

2) Could I use the casings using a racing aluminium displacer? This displacer is slightly longer and I think it might not settle properly couse of the wear on the surfice, there is a little step.

Link of the displacer: http://www.maxrpm.de/G60-Racing-displacer-NEW

3) Should I just buy a new g-lader?


Thanks, sorry about my bad english. I am not english.

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Don't worry about your bad english - it's not that bad. You don't mention though whether you are in Britain, and if you are where you are based? There are a few people around who are G60 experts, or are experienced with G60's - John Mitchell Racing, Only Charged Dubs, Jabbasport, Stealth Racing for example. If you are in the UK and near one of these guys, it would be best to go to them to have what you have got checked over, to see what's usable and what's scrap. In fact I think Only Charged Dubs are agents for the people that make the aluminium displacers, so should have some experience of them.


Ideally you want your spare supercharger to be set up the same as the one you are running. If they are different, then they will produce different boost pressures at different rpm's and the map you have in your ECU wont be fuelling properly. I have 2 g laders - one in the car and one as a spare. They are both the same - stage 4, and with the same flow work, and both product the same boost pressure so I can use them interchangably.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I would like to have 2 exactly the same chargers so I can change them with no problem. But first I would like to try the modification with one of the chargers to see if its worth it.


I cant really pop over to these places becouse I live in Spain. I was hopping to rebuild the g-lader my self with some guidence.



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