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1994 16V Corrado - Dublin, Ireland

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Have a lot of love for this car and want it to find a good home. Not the most practical family car unfortunately and I can't justify having a second car.




Starting price at €4,400 or £3,100


172,000 miles



NCT passed 12th November 2015 - good till 24 August 2016

Taxed till end of Jan 2016




Bouught by me for £2,000 in Bangor (NI) and imported Feb 2006 with €882 VRT. (have receipt of sale and a good bit of UK history and MOT certs)

Sold to enthusiast friend when I went abroad in Sep 2007 for €4,000.

To quote some of the work he did

"new brake lines all round, stainless steel goodridge brake hoses, uprated g60 front discs, calipers and new pads all round, new wishbones, drop links, rear shocks"


"spent about €1500 on bits and bobs (im afraid to add it all up) since i got the car cos i didnt scrimp on the right parts cos i intended on keeping it forever"

However, I returned and he had kids so I bought it back from him for same in Dec 2009.

I'd be afraid to add up how much I've spent on it since. Work done to pass the NCT this September: completely fixed abs, replaced rear brake caliper, inner tie rod and two ball joints.

Changed brake fluid for good measure. Have receipts for most of the work done by any garage.





BBS alloy wheels (standard corrado g60 wheels)

Complete stainless steel exhaust system (2011)

Sunroof and all electrics work

Heating works

SONY CDX-GT200 car stereo cd player MP3 aux iPod in

Everything that ever was wrong has been fixed except...





Upholestry at drivers elbow is worn

Some decorative plastic in boot is loose

Some scratches on spoilers, you might just notice one very small dint in passenger door, barely noticeable.

If you live in the UK you'll need to come and get it.




All from November 2016 except one with green hills.

Full album here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNuZasYJIYpr4SqR0_LzohhTWdL4vrb0oiPZEGxUQLY4MUngvtQZpOU3z0ZT3NsdA?key=dzV1YWJkVV9BWFI5S1RTWnE5ZTVpOW11UXhPd1N3



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My valver with working everything, a very good leather interior and an engine with about 50K on it since rebuild(possibly 60K but I'd have to work it out) and doubt I'd pull £2700 for it.....but if anyone is offering :)

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