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VR6 parts for sale...

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Hi all, got a few bits for sale, all came off a working VR6 Corrado,


1. Stock exhaust manifolds and downpipe - £75 posted UK

2. 2.9 Inlet manifold upper and lower with throttle body - £120 posted UK


3. ECU - £SOLD

4. ABS ECU - £40 posted UK

5. Coilpack - £60 posted UK


6. Brake servo - £SOLD


7. Injector rail with injectors - £SOLD


8. Full black cloth seats and door cards - £SOLD

9.GTi Recaros from a mk4 anniversary edition Golf, front and back seats - £250 pref collected


Basically everything that came off my old vr engine is for sale, message me if you are after something and I'll have a look to see :-)


Open to offers on all parts, and collection will be a bit cheaper, any questions please ask :D can get pictures if needed too.

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Corrados were all obd1 from the factory. Dizzy and coilpack Corrados all obd1

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hi m8 do you still have the ABS pump and if so is it in good working order, cheers. willy

Pump is in working order, checked it over and no cracks or anything. It cane off a 93 K reg

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need parts to go...they are funding the r32, so even if you don't need them, please buy them so I can get the rado back on the road...



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