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Roger Chatfield

Ive gone to the dark side, Rog's new whip.

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Afternoon chums, as some of you know due to a change in my circumstances my Storm is up for sale.

So, managed to pick up a worthy replacement today.

Probably not to anyone's taste but I've only gone and got a jap...lol


2007 Mazda 3 MPS Aero... Sensible 5 door hatchback...lol






Nice clean car with 77k and full service history, wheels need a refurb and there is some lacquer peel on one mirror.

Few small mods, TIP, air filter and remap to 300 bhp.. 😀


I was looking at S3's but this is newer, cheaper to buy, cheaper to insure and more powerful..no brainer in my book.


Very very happy with it.




(Please don't send me hate mail...lol)

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Nice choice! I always liked the look of these. A friend of mine has one, though never actually been out in it.


Only weak spot that I'm aware of from his experience is the dampers - he's had to have most of them changed in the last couple of years due to them failing and leaking - otherwise it's been pretty bombproof.

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Very understated. Bet you can leave people standing and wondering what the car really is.


What engine does it have?

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