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tumblers / lock matching

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Mine had a key for the ignition, one for the passenger door, one for the driver door AND one for the boot....


But not any more!


I have a ludicrously expensive bag of tumblers here - if you fancy matching up your locks I might be able to help you.


Works like this:


There are 10 tumblers numbered 1-4 in the lock.




you've figured out the "code" when they go flat so the lock can turn with the key in:



so you might have 3-1-1-2-1-4-2-3-1-4


you can shuffle about the numbers and then I'll sell you what you don't have, for something like £2 a tumbler - or lets work out what you need and do a p/x if you need a lot.


The bits are pretty expensive from VW (over £80) I only want to cover the cost to help you out.

VW will tumble a lock for you - this will cost you £40/lock (! :rofl: )



For piece of mind and stuff I'm not going to do the posting keys and matching for you.



Anyway - hope it helps somebody :td :cheers:


oh and if anyone want all my tumblers - they are yours for £65 delivered. (3/4 of a bag of each size 1-4)

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I have 1 key for ignition and drivers door and a 2nd for the passenger side door. Been like that since I brought her. Can u help make the passenger side the same as the driver and ignition? New to this.

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Its possible to re-tumble them yes. Have a look in the wiki section, pretty sure theres a guide there. You'll need new wafers though and VW charge a hefty price but you get tons of them. If you look in the sale section, there was a guy recently selling some. Best bet is to remove your drivers side lock to see which ones you currently have and what order they're in. They are numbered so you'll know which ones and how many you'll need. Be careful though as they fling out on springs as soon as you remove the key from the lock.


Edit: Doh! Thought this was a new thread, should have looked above!

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