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Corrado G60 with fresh respray and new supercharger +more

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1991 Volkswagen Corrado G60


116k miles with a folder full of receipts, old mot's etc.


Standard spec of power steering, abs brakes, electric sunroof, electric mirrors.


Original immoboliser with two fobs and two spare keys.


I have been building this car for the past year, I bought it as a project which was solid but needed work as it had not been used much for the past 3 years other than taking it to the MOT station and the occasional weekend drive, I spent 6 months looking for the right car as I wanted an original G60 as these are getting rare and it is the exact model I wanted when I was growing up, a white G60. There are very limited numbers left, especially in white.


I had the car professionally resprayed in it's original colour of Alpine white by a local trusted bodyshop. The car had a few small dings but no rust, so the two dings which were also pushed out and rectified in the proper way. The car is as straight as you will find, the paintwork is all one shade, no dings, no dents, no rusty arches, no rust around the doors, fuel flap etc as is common on a lot of cars of this age. It turns heads everywhere it goes, and looks like a new car again, perfect for the up-coming summer (if we do ever get one).


It has also (in the past 3 months) been fitted with a freshly rebuilt supercharger, along with new oil feed and return lines all work carried out by Only Charged Dubs (google them, they are the best place to go for any G60 parts/work/information). It's also had a BBM RSR outlet kit fitted to replace the stock plastic part, which is prone to leaking boost and cracking due to the location (plastic next to hot engine). This was fitted at a cost of over £1000 as the old charger was damaged and could not be rebuilt. The charger itself is also still under warranty. It's also had most of the original vacuum pipes replaced for silicone ones as the old ones were brittle as they were the originals.


Fully serviced with the correct Bosch WR6DPO spark plugs, Bosch HT leads, new dizzy cap and new rotor arm and the correct 10/40 semi synthetic engine oil and red coolant. Does not burn oil, no smoke on start up, no smoke when hot, and no smoke or burning oil when driving.


Rear spoiler works as it should on the switch (under dash) and raises and goes down smoothly.


Engine has no noises, no rattles etc. Sounds very smooth both cold and once warmed up, no flat spots, pulls strongly in all gears.


It has also been fitted with a 68mm supercharger pulley and new XL belt (stronger than original). The ECU has also had a chip fitted to work with the smaller pulley etc.


Full custom stainless steel exhaust system including decat fitted, not loud though (not required for MOT as car is pre 1992, and has been this way for the past 4 MOT tests and passes emissions without any issues).


The interior is original dark grey cloth with no rips or tears. Has a MOMO 280mm steering wheel (can take some getting used to the smaller size but original wheel will come with the car too).


Sunroof works as it should (VERY common fault on these cars) it works in both the fully open position and the tilted position without any strange noises etc.


Electric windows work as they should also, both go up, both go down without noises.


Electric mirrors work on both sides with both the up/down and the left/right controls.


Gearbox is a 5 speed manual, all gears work as they should however there is a small crunch sometimes if you drop down into 3rd from 4th or 5th but this only happens sometimes, and when you do change gear a certain way (I think the cables need adjusting but it's really not something that's bothered me).


All dash lights work, warning lights for coolant etc work and go out once the engine is started. Cold start choke works as it should, is a little lumpy for around 10-20 seconds when first started in cold weather due to the chip/ECU settings but this sorts itself out quickly.


New lambda sensor has been fitted (Genuine Bosch) and re-wired as the old wiring was damaged. New coolant temp sensors fitted and working correctly.


I collected a lot of original items to ensure the car was put together in the correct way, with a few tasteful modifications along the way that don't detract from the car's originality.


Custom 1 piece OZ Turbo replica alloy wheels 9x16 with 195/40/16 tyres fitted all round, custom rear spacers fitted.


JOM adjustable coilover suspension means you can raise/lower the cars ride height to suit your needs, all adjustment is un-seized and moves freely, no leaks etc.


Pioneer MP3 head unit fitted (provides iPhone/USB connectivity and radio).


MOT expires 29th January 2017 (one advisory which was a slight leak from the oil cooler, new seal fitted and leak fixed).


So if your looking for a very nice, clean, original, rare Corrado G60 then you'll be hard pushed to find a nicer one than this, and that's not being biased, it truly is a lovely example of a collectible car that is only going to increase in value as time goes on. I've done a few shows in the car including being indoors at this years Ultimate Dubs show in Telford, probably the largest VW show in the country! It got a lot of positive attention, which was nice to hear that your hard work has paid off.


Please do not make any silly offers, I know what the car has cost to get to this standard, I know how much others are selling for that aren't even close to being as nice as this one is. Nothing needs doing to it other than general maintenance and you have a car that will not loose any value, is cheap to insure, cheap to run and parts etc are cheap as well. Please remember it's had a full respray, new supercharger, new wheels/tyres etc. To get another car to this standard would no doubt cost thousands, as well as a lot of time. It's being sold for what the car owes me, I didn't build it to make money on but I've recently changed jobs and have a work van as well as working for the same company as my partner so she also comes with me to/from work meaning we no longer need two cars. I'm not in a rush to sell, so as I've said please don't make me any silly offers. Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions then please just drop me a message. If it doesn't sell then I'll keep it as a show car, but seems a shame for it not to be used and enjoyed as it should be.


£5795 ono

Located in Plymouth, Devon.











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It's not 100% decided, but if there's enough interest and I can get back what it owes me then I can save the money.


I will be genuinely sad to see it go though :(

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