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Micky fletch

For sale 2.0 ltr 16v

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Hi folks after 4 years of ownership it saddens me to say I am putting up for sale my rado.

Its a 2.0 ltr 16v in green. It has 156k on the clock and has Mot until August.During my ownership I have put roughly 3k on it in the 4 years I have owned it. It has passed Mot ever year with ease.

In 4 years I have fitted a long life stainless exhaust from the cat back. Replace the radiator. Replaced the radiator fan housing with a powder coated one.New expansion bottle, up rated the headlight loom headlight switch, plus other bits and pieces.

I want this car to go to someone on the forum who will care for it like I have.

I would love to keep it but as I have lost my garage I don't want it to sit on the drive just wasting away.

The body work is fairly good with just a few rust spots.

The rear spoiler work as it should. I had fixed the sun roof with new parts but it has let me down again. I have various parts that will go with her . Bonnet foam heater back light kit plus more

If anyone is interested I can send them photos and chat more about it.

Now the price, I would like £1500 and I think it's worth more but won't it to go to someone on here. Any one interest just pm me. Thanks for reading.

If you have a corrado club calendar from 2015 it the car for January

Thanks all.

lupo wipers swg scuttle cover

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