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Corrado G60 wanting new owner £1500 now sold please lock admin

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Hi there

Im selling my G60 due to the fact i have a Type R and old V new the Type R wins

ok its a J reg 118k corrado the previous owner before me done all the bodywork but didn't touch the mechanics i sorted the mechanics but let the body work go its a juggling act with a G60

car located cambridge area CB7 Price £1500


ok bad points first


its got rust in 4 places

1 where the boot floor inner joins with the rear panel

2 rear l/h/s/ under the light cluster (shown in picture)

3 rear r/h/s wheel arch 2 places (shown in pictures)

4 front r/h/s sill (show in pictures)

sunroof tilts but doesnt slide common problem

interior heater matrix slight leak (needs replacing )

and the paint faded (tornado red a common problem )all easy fixes for someone who loves body work


Good points and there many

full coil over suspension KW1 inox with adjusting C spanner

full supersprint exhaust (Downpipe back )

black diamond predator pads and discs (front only standard on rears)

rear wheel bearing changed

new water pump fitted

gearbox 2nd and 5th changed for a VR6 ratio (better 0-60 and better fuel encomium on motorways )

vibratect mounts in the engine bay all 3

stage 4 supercharger (jabba) needs a rebuild soon its got 3k miles left (25k service life )although i did have her stripped down at 15k only to be told this is one of the best chargers ive seen (midland VW)quote from Brian at Jabba to rebuild £340

68mm supercharger pulley (16psi boost )

spoiler up and down as normal working fine

inpro headlights

borbet A 16x7 alloys (need a refurb but straight and true with a new set of locking flat plate bolts shinny shinny )

k&n panel filter (plus filter cleaner )

SNS anti lag chip

BBM outlet replaces the crappy plastic silencer box

Brand new S4 bosch battery

mocol oil cooler rad

new VR6 clutch (changed while the gearbox was out )

uprated lighting loom (3 relay job)

daves handle repair kit on both doors (there are abit stiff till they bed in )

lupo arm windscreen wipers (much better than original corrado items )

rolling roaded print out for 165bhp at the wheels (no bull**** 200bhp flywheel crap)

fresh oil change (titan race pro S 10w 50w from opie oils ) and filter change before i took her off the road

shes running 10 psi at the moment due to the charger close to refurb and still goes like stink pulls strong in every gear when you get the charger done she will fly as the fuel map will be correct again (god im going to talk myself out of selling it at this rate )

a bag of spares like switches,indicator arms,interior fan motor,spare spolier controller not exactly sure what i have but your welcome to it spare bosch wpd60 spark plugs (i used to change them every 12 months and keep the old set as back up )other bits of trim the previous owner had collected that i wont need when she goes


she starts 2nd time(after standing for a month )which is pretty good i think (got to get the petrol into the rail and clean the plugs )

she has no MOT although flew thought last time current mileage 118k last mot feb15th 2014 mileage 117k

she been standing SORN for the last 2 1/2 years (hence lost interest)but started every end of month and warmed up and given alittle drive around so nothing locks up

box file full of receipts listing everything thats been done to her incase ive missed anything



first picture is one how she looked when i picked her up the rest are how shes looks know like i say tried red paint work





cheers stu ..

Edited by sparks
want it gone for christmas

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You might want to say where you are as "In a galaxy far away" might put a few people off?

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Hi sparks, I may be interested and your not far from me. Could I come over and take a look?





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Hi sparks, I may be interested and your not far from me. Could I come over and take a look?






sure ill pm you my address let me know what time and date in the reply pm please

cheers stu ..

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sorry no part ex and the reason why you cant see pictures is because you have to log into the forum under your user name and password

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