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right here we have for sale my pride and joy which is only for sale due to me wanting to put the money from the sale towards finishing my corrado vrt project off i have put a lot of time and cash into this car turning it from a standard gti 8v to what it is now but its time for someone else to enjoy it! i bought the car in 2009 spent a few years doing the conversion with a lot of help from a friend who is a vw specialist, the car got back on the road in 2012 and i reset the clocks to zero after doing/having all the work done, i had the engine installed in a previous car so thats been with me about ten years!


year: 1992


milage: shell:135,000 engine estimate (due to what i was told by psi tuning when the engine was fitted to my previous car) 90- 100,000 milage since conversion and fitting of many new parts mostly genuine vw 9,600 may rise slightly as i intend to keep enjoying it until it goes


mot: 12months


service history: loads of history folders full of reciepts oil and filter change by myself every year just had oil and filter and fuel filter


engine bay:

ko4 20vt

qpeng management with switchable boost settings and working rev counter

forge front mount intercooler

spal slimline fan

golf gtd radiator

corrado hydraulic clutch setup

02a gearbox fully rebuilt with vr6 gearset and quaife lsd box painted satin black at time of conversion

vibratechnics engine mounts all round

all bottles renewed at time of conversion

audi engine cover new at time of conversion

forge 007p dv

green cotton induction cone

all pipework painted satin black

assortment of mainly forge and some sfs boost/coolant hoses

loom rewrapped in genuine loom tape

new genuine scuttle cover and retaining clips

homemade 2.5" stainless tig welded downpipe recently fitted mated to custom pipewerx 2.5" stainless system with oversize original syle tailpipes

had cambelt, tensioner, waterpump,aux belt,spark plugs/coilpacks replaced last year as well as a reconditioned starter motor

alternator and all engine brackets painted satin black at time of conversion block was also cleaned and painted


running gear:

fk konisport coilovers

g60 front brakes new brembo discs and pads fitted less than 100 miles ago

fully polybushed

new at time of conversion genuine rad support panel

new at time of conversion genuine wishbones

all running gear not new stripped and painted with por15 by me

powdercoated rear beam

new at time of conversion genuine brake shields all round

lots of new genuine nuts/bolts bought at great expense at time of conversion

all droplinks ball joints top mounts etc replaced at time of conversion still feels nice and tight



corrado recaro front seats retrimmed along with the rest of the interior by mj interiors in black recaro fabric with mk1 golf tartan centres matching tartan on the door cards which the tops of are trimmed in type of fabric that very much looks like the top of the oe cards this material was also used to cover the cutom door pockets made by studio incar

momo team 280mm steering wheel

dynamatt sound deadning applied to the floor and doors

new when conversion done newton commercial carpet underlay set

audio install by studio incar incorperating a alpine 117ri head unit, jl XD400/4 4CH amplifier, JL audio c3 components speakers and a jl audio 10" sub, the amp and sub are bulit into enclosures in the sides of the boot along with a false floor all of it has parts that are tartan and tie in with the rest of the interior

new at time of the conversion were pedal rubbers (clutch and brake)and genuine golf ball gear knob

lazerline alarm and immob (fitted by local trusted auto electician)



full windows out respray in alpine white including engine bay

all arches rolled

3rd wiper bung deleted

wing ariel hole smoothed

golf badge and gti badge removed and smoothed

rear wiper deleted

smooth boot handle plinth, access to boot by solonoid which is controlled by a button on the alarm key fob

underneath undersealed

following items new at time of conversion/paint: genuine gti arches all round and genuine skirts including genuine clips and rivets to fix these with, repro front and rear bumpers, genuine sunroof seal, genuine wing mirrors, genuine headlights and inner spots, genuine nos bonnet, windscreen glass,genuine fuel tank straps



bbs rm's with 2" radinox stainless dish's making them 8x15 stainless bolts and valves

front tyres less than 100 miles old toyo proxes t1r's

rear 1 toyo proxes t1r and one older style toyo proxes


bad bits: some slight bubbling around the filler cap which has not yet broken the paint

odd stone chip here and there but not that noticable as i have always touched them up then gone over them with my da polisher to make the surface flat again

couple of scuffs on one of the sideskirts

some corrosion on some of the running gear/ gearbox paint

small hole inside one of the front jacking points (not the sill the bit that sticks out that folk jack the car up on!)

non matching rear tyres (one old style proxes one new) having just bought the pair of fronts i wasnt going to pay out for another for the rear just so they all match plus the new owner may wish to switch to another brand

front seats not wired in, i have the loom somewhere but the fuseboard end plug has been removed can be wired to any ignition live


so yeah overall its a lovely mk2 with a decent spec was made more to be a drivers car which could still rock upto a show and not look out of place which is what it has done unfortuatly due to being used properly some of the running gear etc could do with a spruce up to be at its best again but is still perfectly presentable


i chose to mention the small hole inside the jacking point as i would rather know about it if i was buying, i could of quite easily sprayed over it with underseal and kept quiet as it is i have just sprayed some waxoil on it to stop it from getting worse the area is still solid and you can still jack the car up at that point i have a pit in my garage and any serious buyers are welcome to inspect the car from underneath as i have nothing to hide, i could sort this/get it sorted but i have spent the past few months of my spare time getting the car ready for sale (sorting all the little jobs that i never got round to doing!) and would rather be putting the time into my corrado



















location: kendal cumbria


contact: neil 077zero945zero939


may possibly take a px most likely for a tt worth upto £2000 for my gf (no silver ones!) and obviously the rest of the money my way!


could also sell it a bit cheaper if i kept the front seats, would be supplied with the original rainbow ones

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Ive seen this car in the metal and i love it.. Very nicely presented.. Wish it was the time for me to get back on the Mk2 ladder..


Best of luck with the sale..

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That is awesome! Wish I had an understanding wife but apparently the next car has to be 'practical'....



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thanks for the nice comments ive really enjoyed building and owning this car, first person to see it has left a hefty deposit and is collecting next week so yeah i feel abit weird right now and unsure if i have done the right thing but it needed to be done to finish the corrado to the standard i want so time to get stuck in with that now!



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