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Looks familiar.......................

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Should have held onto it for 18 months longer, would have doubled my money - Well, quadrupled it for what I originally paid actually!


Ad is almost cut and pasted from the original, and there are even a couple of the original photos I put up! Doesn't look like anything has been done since I sold it either apart from servicing and a new ticket.


I don't mind though, hope it sells. It wasn't a good example tbh, but solid enough and ran very well for anyone interested. Wings could do with replacing due to very slight rust, especially the one I rattle canned.

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I wish I would have kept it now tbh Rob, would have been perfect for the commute! I made it sound worse than it was in the first post(unintended). Just checked my photobucket account, and I've got more pics if anyone is interested and it looked pretty nice after I'd given it a quick machine polish. Mine was in far worse condition when I originally bought it!

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